My First Pregnancy Acupuncture Session

At our 37 week check up, our doctor gave us the green light to start using natural methods to kick start things along. He said that if baby were to come out at 37 weeks, he would be a healthy size and able to function just fine. Woohoo! As our recent scans show, our baby is very well nourished with a little pot belly.. awwww cute! We are now 38 weeks and ready to get things moving along.

To avoid medical intervention, I am trying every natural method under the sun! Sex, spicy food, hot baths, walking up and down stairs, bouncing up and down on an exercise ball, visualizations, meditation, you name it! One method I had recently heard of is Acupuncture. I have never tried it before, and thought “hey it’s worth a go”. I knew there were needles involved but I wasn’t sure how it would make me feel.

On Monday I rang up a local business not far from where I live, and was very lucky to get an appointment that morning. Thought my appointment was for 11am, but it was actually for 11.30 am. Baby brain? ooops! Never mind, the practitioner was kind enough to see me straight away so I didn’t have to wait at all. Yayyyyy!

The room was very pleasant. There was lovely meditation music playing and I also noticed beautiful crystals placed in specific spots around the room. I sat down with the practitioner and he asked me a few questions. He asked me to place my palms out onto the table, one at a time he checked my pulse I assumed? He then asked me to stick out my tongue and he drew a rough sketch of it on my file. No idea why but it must be relevant in some way?

Next, he asked to take off my shoes and hop up on the table. Laying on my back I had cushions to prop me up to keep me comfy. He then swabbed the appropriate area’s with an anti-bacterial solution and quickly placed the little needles into the pressure points. I was wondering how it would feel and I was very surprised that is wasn’t painful at all. Just felt like tiny little pricks. I did however feel it on my left foot more so than my right foot as it was a bit more tender. He said that baby can get quite active during the process as it stirs them up a bit. After placing all the needles in, he left me to rest for half an hour. 

After a few minutes I started sweating like a pig and feeling really nauseous. I thought that it must have been in my head and maybe I was just being silly. Told myself “it’s all good, just deep breaths and stick it out”. Was fine for another few minutes and then when the practitioner came back in the room i felt sick again. He asked me how I felt, and I mentioned the nauseous feeling and the sweating. He said they were completely normal symptoms for someone who has never had acupuncture before. He has even seen men get really sick from it, can just be the shock of the needles perhaps?

He pulled out all the needles and gave me his rubbish bin because I was so close to throwing up. He propped me up and I was fine once I was in an upright position. The nauseous feeling went away almost instantly and he suggested that next time we do it, I should be upright instead of laying down. Although I didn’t last the whole half an hour, he said that 20 minutes was enough to work. It felt like I was only on the table for 10 minutes!

He said that labour can start within 24 – 48 hours after a session. Keeping in mind that baby is ready and that I am ripe enough. 

Some interesting tips he gave me;

  • Not to be barefoot, as standing on a cold surface like tiles can actually slow everything down.
  • To eat only cooked foods, NOT raw
  • To drink water at room temperature, no cold liquids. (I have known this one for years, it’s not healthy to put cold liquids into your body, as it disturbs your already warm organs)
  • Acupuncture can also shorten labour. Now wouldn’t that be nice!

Overall my first acupuncture session was quite pleasant. Obviously no guarantee’s I will go into labour straight away, but i am willing to try every natural approach before I fall into the possibility of high risk.

I’m assuming that a combination of acupuncture and bouncing up and down on an exercise ball has definitely helped. Baby’s head was just floating above my pelvis at week 37, and now at 38 weeks his head is fully engaged, locked and loaded ready to go! That’s a really great sign! Fingers crossed I go into labour sometime in the next week or so! Yaahoooooo!

If you live in the Mandurah Area (Western Australia) and are wanting to try Acupuncture:

 I highly recommend to see Shane Kelly at “Ancient Approach” – Traditional Chinese Medicine. Really good bloke and he made me feel really comfortable.


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