Chlorella Chews

Chlorella Tablets

These green tablets are a feast for the senses; gooey, chewy green and deep in flavour. Of course you don’t have to chew them. It’s just more fun and delicious than swallowing the recommended 20 tablets a day, which may make you feel like an old person on medication.

I don’t know how many I chow per day, it depends really, I like to keep them in my bag and when I’m feeling snacky, I pop open my chlorella pills and have a chew, fellow passengers on the train give me the side eye and then I’m sucking the bits out of my teeth for another ten minutes. They taste kind of salty, sulphurous and a bit farm yardy in a good way.


So how do Chlorella tablets make me feel? They make me feel levelled and balanced, I found myself craving sweet things less and revelled in that alkalised feeling in my tummy. My concentration improved as I was feeling more levelled and making better food choices.

I think the thing about Chlorella is that it has everything, it’s so full of nutrients that it really satisfies you and calms you on a deep level. I guess that when we were cave men and women we must have been drinking lots of swampy water and getting loads of algae in our diets, we probably bathed in swamps sometimes.

These are multivitamin, multi mineral, multi alkalising, multi friend-making pills… sitting on the train with friends on my way home from a Festival, I popped open my pot of Chlorella tablets…all better.

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Written by Rosemary Hudson.