How To Become A Ridiculously Lucky Person

Can you learn to be lucky?

I have to admit – I’ve become one of those annoyingly lucky people who always seem to win everything.

At least once a week, I’ll tell my husband or friends “Guess what?!” and they’ll say “What now?”.

I’ve won six months free luxury travel, tickets to personal development seminars, weight-loss programmes and even a scholarship to the exact life coaching course I wanted to do.

It’s not just big things – I regularly win bingo with my mum, people give me things out of the blue and I even find money in unexpected places.

I’m telling this not to brag, because I want YOU to get excited about becoming a lucky person. Because I believe that anyone can do it. It comes down to your attitude and deciding that is ok to be successful. Winning can be fun (and addictive!).

You don’t need charms, spells, leprechauns or lucky horse-shoes. Just decide that you’re a lucky person and then expect to be proved right in every situation.

Denise Duffield-Thomas & Sandy Forster

Yesterday was the perfect example. I went to see millionaire author Sandy Forster at her “Secrets to Money and Prosperity” event in Sydney.

I love Sandy because she talks about completely aligning yourself to success using the Law of Attraction. Thinking about your dreams, believing and most importantly feeling it.

Sandy did several prize draws over the day and right at the start, I wrote down on my pad – I’m going to win everything. I set an intention to win a fantastic prize.

The first prize was “Millionaire Author Secrets”, a home study course worth $997. Writing a book has been on my goal list for ages, so when Sandy called out my name, I was so excited (but actually, not particularly surprised – I’m super lucky, remember?).

Funnily enough, weeks before I had started to affirm I speak on stage with Sandy Forster, so when she called my name, I ran right up to her, so technically I was kind of on stage with her too!

I have written to Sandy several times, always interact with her on Facebook and have been on her coaching programme, but I was still surprised when she said “Oh Denise, you’re such a winner. Tell everyone what you’ve won”. She knew my story!

Luck for me has now become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more I talk to others about it, the more they believe me and the more I believe it myself. So I keep winning. I can’t stop! Read more