The Time I Lived In A Laundry Shed… And How To Change Your Beliefs And Stop Feeling Like A Loser

Last weekend I was at a conference venue just two streets away from my very first student share house!

Wow, did that bring up some… “interesting” memories of my student days! Here’s the story:

My friend Jo was moving to the big city for University. She found this student house (managed by a dodgy slum lord) but there was no room for me, except… you guessed it – the laundry.

The slum lord had converted the outdoor laundry into a room (of sorts). It had no glass in the window except some plastic sheeting, hessian matting on the concrete floor, and only room for a single bed and some milk crates for my clothes.

There was one plus though – the house only had one bathroom and it was outside… next to my shed, so it was virtually my en-suite!

This “room” cost me the fabulous sum of $50 a week, which was cheap even in 1998, but I felt like SUCH a loser living in that shed. I was failing University. I was depressed. I had no money and I lived in a frigging laundry shed! Could it get any worse?

Ok, not only was I living in a laundry, I was clearly frying my hair with peroxide and wearing hideous charity shop faux fur clothing! Unbelievably, I lived in that shed for 6 months.

So, what came first – living in a shed or feeling like a loser?

My negative self-worth made it totally acceptable for me to live in that appalling way, otherwise I would have found the money to live in a real room.

You don’t have to be literally living in a shed to feel like your life sucks. You could be holding onto a deadbeat job, relationship or friendships and they make you feel like crap. You might be stuffing your face with junk food and feeling trapped in unwanted fat. You may be buried under a mound of credit card bills and attracting more negativity every day.

It’s only your beliefs that are holding you captive. Beliefs like:

Nobody else would want me
I’m too lazy to change
I can’t afford it
I can’t make a living doing something fun
I could never be a millionaire

Nobody is immune from the occasional disappointment but it’s what you make them mean about your life.

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