Create a Life of Freedom, Abundance & Adventure in 2012

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Denise Duffield-Thomas. Register here

Hi Gorgeous!

Are you ready to manifest a life of absolute abundance, freedom and more adventure than you ever thought possible? I’m talking your personal version of an awesome life, right now.

I wrote my book Lucky Bitch because I was sick of cheesy motivational ‘gurus’ making success sound so complicated and out of reach. I wanted to show women how practical it can be to manifest a life that’s wealthy in many ways (without needing to actually be a bitch or act like a man).

I am not a millionaire yet (although that’s on my goal list) but I’m the boss of my own life and make great money working much less (and definitely with less stress). I’m free to travel for weeks at a time and still make money. I’ve gone from frantically switching jobs and trying out embarrassing business ideas, to finally finding my meaningful and profitable purpose in life (it was obvious all along! DUH!).

On this free two-part webinar, I’m going to share with you 3 BRAND NEW secrets to help you step into your dream life, make much more money AND have a lot more fun and pleasure in the process. No cheese and no wanky motivational advice, I promise!

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