Neal’s Yard Remedies: could facials get any more heavenly? by Jessica Seletti

When 30 years of experience team up with the will to inspire people to live more healthily, you can certainly expect great things. Neal’s Yard Remedies first shop opened in Covent Garden in 1981 and at the time they were the first company to sell certified organic essential oils on the high street in UK, and one of the few supporting natural health care.

Over the years their passion and expertise led them to create award winning products totally sourced and produced in UK, with a  unique and distinctive  packaging: their delightful blends of organic ingredients, herbs and oils are stored in 100% recyclable blue glass bottles that protect the content from UV light (which means less preservatives!).  

Well known for their holistic approach to health, beauty and lifestyle, Neal’s Yard Remedies also offer an exciting range of tailored treatments from Swedish massage, to Ayurveda, to life coaching. Click here for the full list.   

• Neal’s Yard Remedies Heavenly Facial •

A special mention goes to their facial, which more than a facial is a trip to heaven. If you are planning to treat yourself on a Saturday at Neal’s Yard Remedies in Marylebone, Chiara Simonelli, graduated in Naturopathy at Westminster University with a BSc (Hons) in Complementary Therapies, will be your therapist. I promise you that her positive vibes and her advice will make your experience very enjoyable.    

• What to expect •

After a professional consultation, Chiara will use Chinese facial diagnosis techniques to recognise deeper imbalances in the body and choose the products that would best meet your needs. A blissful massage will then follow,  relaxing your shoulders and neck to increase the blood flow towards your head, and toning your face muscles  for a natural face lift effect. This treatment will encourage the elimination of toxins and you will leave the therapy room all radiant and glowing!   

By the end of the treatment Chiara may also recommend you herbal teas, flower remedies and give you advice if you wish to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle and daily face routine.   

All products are not tested on animals, do not contain GMO ingredients, parabens or any other synthetic ingredient that would block your pores creating a fake and unhealthy silky feel on your skin! “We love organic because no ingredient contains higher levels of vitamins, minerals and nutrients than those which have been organically grown.” Peter Kindersley – Owner and Chairman of Neal’s Yard Remedies

Now find the nearest store and try these amazing products and treatments yourself. When you can rely on the expertise and knowledge of the largest supplier of herbs on the high street in the UK, living healthily can be so easy!





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