Dream First, The Money Will Follow – 10 Ways the Universe Can Support Your Goals

One of the most common complaints I hear is “but I don’t have the money!”. People think it’s a great excuse for why they don’t let themselves dream big goals for their lives. As you all know, I’m passionate about using tools like dream boards to manifest wonderful things without being attached to how the universe will provide for you.

Here’s my challenge to you: decide to dream big anyway, even if you have NO idea of how you’re going to get it.

Trust me. You may have heard about my magical Law of Attraction experiment? I was manifesting free things like crazy – seminars, a life coaching course and best of all – six months all expenses paid travel all around the world. That experiment was worth about half a million dollars.

What was my secret? I ignored the voice that said “but you can’t afford it” and instead just put my order in to the Universe. I had no idea how it was going to happen but I trusted that I would be taken care of. The Universe found a way to get around my money blocks because I was so aligned with my goals and focused on staying positive.

Watch out for these thoughts:

I want to go to Paris… but I can’t afford it

I want to go to that amazing seminar… but I can’t afford it

I want to quit my job… but I can’t afford it.

Remember, thoughts are things. What you think about all the time will become your reality.

“But Denise – it’s true – I really don’t have the money”

Your job is just to define what you want and ‘place the order’ – through goal setting, making a dream board of your biggest desires and keep your thoughts focused.

You never know how your dream will be delivered, and once it arrives, you won’t care how it got to you. Here are just ten ways that my friends and I have personally experienced… keep reading at Denise’s blog

Denise Duffield-Thomas is a life coach and motivational speaker who helps creative women be exceptional in all areas, make money from their passions and create their ideal life. Find out more at www.deniseduffieldthomas.com