Raw Food vs Your Friends

We’ve already covered Raw Food versus Your Parents and Raw Food versus Your Work Colleagues.  Now seems an appropriate time to look at Raw Food vs Your Friends.

How this crops up for you will very much depend on the people you choose to have as your friends.  If your friends are all jolly supportive, interested, rooting for ya and generally loving you to tiny bits, this blog post is not for you.  Sorry darling, but whilst you’re consoling yourself over me not writing this just for your gorgeous ass, you can do a little dance at the fact you have such great friends.

Ok.  So let’s assume for the purposes of this post that your friends are NOT buying in to this whole raw food thing.

Nope.  They think you have:

lost the plot

lost too much weight

joined a cult

stopped being fun to hang around with

got an eating disorder

left them behind

started judging them for their eating (have you? bitch slap if you said yes)

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