Spain – The Country With So Much To Offer

Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations, not only because it is so close to the United Kingdom, but because it has so much to offer the seasoned traveller. It’s glorious warmer weather means wonderful food, plus you can actually work on getting a real tan.  
If you are a lover of food, (and who isn’t on a holiday!) then you will be delighted with what Spain will cook up for you.  
The Spanish tourism board have put together a promotion with a great video, called ‘Whatever I need, I need Spain’ which basically shows that Spain can appeal to everyone! If you love travelling and visiting historical sites, palaces and churches, then Spain is calling you! It also is full of museums such as the famous Gaudi museum – that guy was pretty darn creative with his architecture, and its safe to say no one else on the planet has his particular style. It is a ‘must see’ in real life.  
If you love soaking up the sun, and partying by night, Spain also has what you need – Barcelona is jam packed with great night attractions and famous clubs for the partygoer. 


For me personally, now that I am a bit older, and prefer to wake up feeling good in the mornings, I love a holiday that combines incredible gastronomy, wellness (spas and health resorts) and beautiful natural scenes. Spain provides all three in droves! Food wise, oh where do I start? Madrid has some incredible markets where some of the best spanish food is available, to eat on the spot or take home if you are renting a gorgeous villa so you can cook up a storm yourself. The Spaniards are known for their Tapas, so why not do a Tapas Tour! For those that have a healthy – but still sweet  – tooth, the warmer climate means that fruit grows here in abundance so if you love eating papayas, pineapples, melons and other exotic fruits, you will be in fruit heaven, here in Spain!  

Nature wise, Spain is full of beautiful national parks, 15 in total to be exact and is also home to the impressive Pyrenees – ice capped mountains,  and yes you can ski in Spain! There are gorgeous walks and cycling tracks you can follow which will take you over former Railway tracks (Vias Verdes). These are bordered by vineyards, wild pines and you will also walk  past ice cold mountain lakes and waterfalls. 


Spas are a plenty in Spain, the beautiful weather, oceans that stretch for miles, means that there are many resorts catering for those that love to relax and be pampered when on holiday.  I’ve got my eye set on two resorts, Blau Porto Petro Resort & Spa on the gorgeous island of Mallorca, and Burgo de Osma Thermal Hotel – both look like heaven! 


Shopping is also great in Spain, they are renowned for their high quality shoes and also ornate hand crafted home wear goods such as hand painted plates, vases and bowls. 


There is simply so much to do and see in Spain, why don’t you check out the video below! And check out .


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