Celebrating The Best Of Quirky And Eco- Accommodation In Poitou-Charentes

Discover the first ecolabel accommodation in France

Poitou-Charentes is one of the most well-known regions in France for eco-labelled accommodation. The region boasts a number of guest houses and boutique hotels, with over 28 eco-labelled eco-products, including ‘Les Orangeries’ in Lussac-les-Chateaux, which in 2006 was named as the first eco-label in France. Les Orangeries is a prestigious restaurant in lavish décor, located in a renovated eighteenth century building. The natural environment surrounding the space has been preserved to reflect the establishment’s ethos and the menu is filled with a delightful range of dishes expertly created by food lovers David Royer and his second Jean-Charles Gallot, who are both passionate about using eco-ingredients to create a perfectly harmonised menu. Les Orangeries received the sustainable restaurant awards 2014.

The benefits of staying in eco-labelled accommodation means staying in a setting that is committed to reduce water and energy consumption, use of reusable energy and eco-friendly products or materials, meals prepared with organic and local produce, create and adhere to good environmental practices. For those who care deeply for the environment and preserving their natural surroundings, eco-labelled accommodation shows you how caring for the environment can be seamlessly integrated into everyday life. 

Discover quirky accommodation in Poitou-Charentes

Domaine de Dienné is a unique style of accommodation which includes two mushroom shaped houses and a snail house. Each of the houses sleeps up to six people and presents a new way of enjoying your surroundings while travelling; the fun designs of each home are not only comfortable but enjoyable to stay in and explore. http://www.defiplanet.com/

Quai des Pontis is one of those enchanting places situated in the heart of Cognac, on the Charente River. Quai des Pontis is in a magical setting where there are three different types of accommodation to choose from; gypsy caravans in the park, cabin’s on stilts on the river’s edge and cosy wooden lodges set in the gardens. Although each style of accommodation is equipped with modern luxury amenities such as DVD’s, LCD television sets, Nespresso machines and much more, guests will lose themselves in the natural beauty of their surrounding environment. With so much to do and see such as fishing, swimming, relaxing on the porch, exploring the surrounding countryside or going into town, Quai des Pontis offers a serene escape in the heart of Cognac.http://www.quaidespontis.com/

Another magnificent accommodation is the Cabanes dans les arbres in Parc de la Belle, which offers cabins set in trees in a 10a park with a French garden, a vegetable garden, a maze, a Japanese garden, a rose garden, a small farm as well as a playground for children. Each of the cabins located in the Parc de la Belle has been set at different heights from 5 to 14 meters high, with a ladder or rope bridge that allows guests to reach their accommodation. The cabins are perfect for families, couples or singles with ample privacy provided throughout the vast space. There is always something to do at the Parc de la Belle, for sporting enthusiasts to nature explorers looking for a peaceful escape among lush green gardens with over 20,000 plants and different varieties of trees and flowers to explore. The establishment also offers an eco-menu where picnics can be ordered for up to 18 euro per adult and 9 euro per child. http://www.cabanesdelabelle.com/

Maraisthon 15th June: Get ready to discover the “Green Venice”

Taking place in the Marais Poitevin, in the heart of the waterside town of Coulon, is France’s Premier eco-marathon, Maraisthon, known all around the world and said to attract more than 1,000 competitors each year. This year will be even more special as the Maraisthon celebrates its 5th Anniversary on the 15th June, 2014. This year’s event will be held in support for an environmental project in Mali to preserve the local wood and highlight the country’s energy problems. For the winner of this year’s Maraisthon, an extra special trophy will be awarded made entirely out of sweets free of any colouring or preservatives. Aside from the main event, there will be several other side activities taking place, including the 10km fun run, the 11km discovery walk, a visit to eco-markets and many exhibitions.http://www.maraisthon.fr/