First Ecological Spa Camp- Sahara Desert – Morocco

Morocco Retreats with their Retreat Team and ecological advisors have produced the FIRST ECO LUXURY CAMP IN THE SAHARA. This camp will be used for Morocco Retreats in the Sahara and on the Moroccan Coast. We have carefully chosen the retreat dates with the climate in mind. The coast, mountains and Sahara enjoy very different temperatures and seasons. Our camp has been created with the environment in mind, the local community and local artisans who recycle.


The launch of our Eco Camp


After many years of Luxury Morocco Retreats in the Sahara we have decided it is high time to make our own luxury camp with all the important additions, such as Spa tents, special catering tent, yoga tent, total ecology throughout. We want to enjoy the Sahara and the beach and leave not a trace behind. We very much want to contribute to the Sahara community so as well as employing the beautiful Berber nomads of the South, we will in stage 2 set up a programme of permaculture in Mhamid and also provide the local community with our fertiliser for their crops.


The launch of our own camp will happen in March with our own ‘The Source’ Retreat. The weather will be stunning in March and the drive down through the spectacular Draa Valley is a trip you will never forget.  Our Excellent Spa Team look after your every need on these retreats and you will be pampered through a selection of Massage and Spa Treatments whilst being able to relax in the silence of Zamzam and the dunes whilst enjoying delicious food created in partnership with our Nutritionalist and Chef.


What makes our Retreats unique? 


Over 4 years we have searched the globe for our Retreat Family, not only looking for excellence in their field, but a deep profound love and understanding for what Morocco Retreats wants to achieve. Emma Joyston-Bechal, who grew up in Nigeria and has also spent 1 year doing an overland trip from London to Harare, sleeping in tents and cooking outdoors has a vaste experience and love for this type of holiday experience. Daisy Booth, our beautiful yoga teacher and reflexolgist always manages to appeal to any level of yogi. The Retreats have a grown up level of comfort, nurturing and holistic experience and through the carefully selected partners and Retreat Team we have have created and delivered a healing experience never to be forgotten.


Our team are as follows:


Nutritionalist – grew up on the spiritual festival scene, loves the outdoor and connecting with people.

Logistics and comfort – grew up in Nigeria visiting remote places with her parents, loves food, earth energy and people.

Spa Team – love meeting people, exchanging ideas, nurturing and sharing their country.

Camp Manager – Born in the desert and working in fine dining in the UK – high level  of expectations.

Yoga Teacher – able to make the yoga fun for all levels or experience, a kindred soul who loves the outdoors.



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