Wildfitness Transformative Fitness Holidays In Kenya, Andalucía And UK

Wildfitness runs transformative fitness holidays designed to change your body and your approach to fitness, located in some of the world’s most stunning natural places.  Nigel Archer has owned & run Naibor camp for 7 years positioning it as one of the leading camps in Kenya. “We are very excited about this new venture with WildFitness and our aim is to help position Wildfitness as the leading transformative holiday provider in the world & spread the word of how effective their courses can be”.   


Nigel Archer will be co-owner and joint MD with Colin Holding the company CEO. Colin has been in the fitness industry for 15 years and has had a lifetime of fitness experience. Colin has worked with Wildfitness for the past 7 years, initially in a coaching and head coach capacity, but latterly in a management role. Colin along with Tara Wood the founder have developed a complete programme of moving, eating and resting that will wake up your body’s athleticism, re-engage your natural senses and unleash your natural vitality.


Wildfitness is a holistic approach to physical wellbeing based on the belief that nature and evolution are the most useful and upstream guides for how to be fit and healthy today. Wildfitness believes that humans, like all animals, will heal and thrive in their natural environment.


The Wildfitness programme is based on this key belief:


Humans spent thousands of years as “hunter-gatherers” adapting to life on the savannah. Our ancestors were tall, strong, lean, fast, agile and fertile, yet didn’t need supplements or equipment to keep fit and healthy. Nature provided everything we needed.


Now, however, many of us are living in an environment that is radically different to the one in which we evolved to live. The human body has been unable to adapt quickly enough to keep up with the rapid changes in modern, urban society. As a result our health – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual – has suffered.


Wild Moving – how moving with skill, intensity and joy will develop a lean, strong, flexible & injury-free body.

Wild Eating – how eating the delicious natural foods that your body was designed to eat will make you feel light, satisfied, energised and lean.

Wild Living – how respecting your body’s natural rhythms of rest & recuperation will help you to achieve results & stay healthy for life.

The physical sessions on the course combine play, skill and intensity and are interspersed with workshops, massage and plenty of chill-out time. Each day is different and participants will explore a variety of secret natural places; running up sand dunes, swimming across creeks, lifting logs on the beach, floating through mangroves or boxing in a coconut grove. Whether you’re super fit or haven’t exercised in years, the elite team of expert coaches at Wildfitness will encourage, support and challenge you.

Wildfitness holidays run in Kenya and Europe and are 3 days to 3 ½ weeks in length.

Wildfitness Kenya is near Watamu on the north coast, on one of the world’s top 10 most beautiful coastlines and a designated UN area of outstanding natural beauty. The Arabuko Sokoke Forest is inland from the Wildfitness centre and is teaming with elephants. One troop almost always drinks in a watering hole by the edge of the forest in the evenings, and this year Wildfitness run to this spot of an evening and watch the elephants play.

Wildfitness Andalucía is run on a huge estate near Arcos de la Frontera. A run across the country from the Cortijo takes you to a lake and the several hills on the property draw you to run up them and see the deepest, reddest sun-sets. 

Wildfitness UK is located at Northcourt, a beautiful old English manor on the Isle of Wight, just 2.5 hours from London. Nestled in the heart of the Island’s Downs, a wild run away from the surrounding beaches, it is the perfect place to lose yourself to nature and soak up the Wildfitness philosophy.


For more information on Wildfitness, please visit www.wildfitness.com