Chill Spa

If the onset of winter has you already thinking of warmer climes, it’s time to head for the Caribbean for some sun and pampering.  The range of amenities offered at the Oualie Beach Resort in Nevis are all exciting, interesting and most importantly sustaining to the environment. This is not excluding their spa, an adult oasis aptly called the ‘Chill Spa’. 

The Chill Spa is the perfect detour from your hectic but delightful holiday schedule of exploring Nevis, meeting the locals and being awed by the scenery, all made possible by the resort’s great tour packages offering a variety of activities as part of one exciting outing. Your holiday planning may have included some adventure and some relaxation, but whichever it may be, this adult spa is the perfect place to be; as you relax with a clear view of sister isle St. Kitts, and the Caribbean Sea tranquilising you as you are pampered.

Choosing the perfect spot for your pampering is all part of the experience, and the options are equally inviting. Under the shade of a palm tree or out on the Oualie Beach Pier are the choices for enjoying your exotic treatments with natural products. These treatments are correctly entitled ‘Pamper Packages’ and come in three different options all worthy of trying:

Pamper Package 1– ‘The Chill’ is a 7 night, 5 spa treatment heaven that includes accommodation, breakfast and all taxes. Treatments include: 

·         The plane strain  – back, neck and shoulder massage

·         Sea Salt Scrub – ex foliating; smoothing, polishing and energizing the skin

·         Aloes full body massage – taking the heat out of a long day in the sun using fresh aloe vera gel.

·         The Nevisian- full body massage

·         Dermalogica Facial

 The dates and prices for ‘The Chill’ are: 

Dec- Jan

Deluxe room- US$1883/£1164.62

Premier room- US$2030/£1255.58

Feb- Apr

Deluxe room- US$1652/£1021.75

Premier room- US$1883/£1164.62


Deluxe room- US$1428/£883.21

Premier room- US$1652/£1021.75


Pamper Package 2– ‘The Honeymooners’ is a 7 night, 3 spa treatment that also includes accommodation, breakfast and all taxes. It offers a quaint range of treatments: 

·         The plane strain – back, neck and shoulder massage

·         The Tango – using candlelight, flower petals and soft music sets the scene for this romantic couples massage

·         Dermalogica Facial


The dates and prices for ‘The Honeymooners’ are:

Dec- Jan

Deluxe room- US$1958/£1211.16

Premier room- US$2105/£1302.12

Feb- Apr

Deluxe room- US$1727/£1068.27

Premier room- US$1958/£1211.16


Deluxe room- US$1503/£929.73

Premier room- US$1727/£1068.27


Pamper Package 3– ‘The Live Wire’ is a 7 night, 5 spa treatment oasis that includes accommodation, breakfast and all taxes. Treatments include:

·         The plane strain – back, neck and shoulder massage

·         The Therapeutic – a deep tissue massage eliminating toxins embedded in muscle fibres, removing  adhesions and minimising scar tissue

·         Aloes full body massage- taking the heat out of a long day in the sun using fresh aloe vera gel

·         Twinkle Toes – Reflexology; a foot treatment reducing stress and promoting a holistic feeling

·         Dermalogica Facial

‘The Live Wire’s dates and prices read below: 

Dec- Jan

Deluxe room- US$1893/£1170.95

Premier room- US$2040/£1261.92

Feb- Apr

Deluxe room- US$1662/£1028.08

Premier room- US$1893/£1170.95

May- Nov

Deluxe room- US$1438/£889.52

Premier room- US$1662/£1028.08


The ‘Chill Spa’ is owned and operated by British woman, Sharon Gillam, the mastermind behind the spa’s offerings, from the packages to the raw materials that make up the oils and scrubs. With family roots in Nevis, Sharon’s recognised training as a sports masseuse has given her great confidence in being able to offer a product unlike any other on the island of Nevis. 



For your opportunity to experience the amazing treatments at The Chill Spa, as part of a full packaged holiday, British Airways is offering a ‘couples’ offer  for travel from 1st May to 26th June 2014 for seven (7) nights. Prices are from £969pp and include two (2) FREE nights. This deal also saves each couple £300. All bookings must be made by the 20th December. To book visit or call 0844 4930758.

This Spa is indeed a ‘secret of the Caribbean’ with its prime beach location. It makes your holiday complete, with treatments you can have before or after exploring the island. 

About Oualie Beach Resort

Located to the North West coast of the island of Nevis, the 3-star Oualie Beach Resort is a boutique hotel with much to offer the adventurous soul and the entire family all at once. It is an ecologically sensitive beachfront property with 32 rooms and its prime location of a coconut lined beach has the perks of being serene and exotic.  Facilities include; a spa for adults only, a seaside restaurant, leisure centre and all around Wi-Fi. Oualie Beach Resort is the only hotel on the twin islands of St. Kitts and Nevis to be Green Globe certified. 

For more information on Oualie Beach Resort and its Spa please visit