30 Blogs With Great Family Vacation Planning Tips

Choosing Your Destination

The first step to planning your vacation seems simple on the surface, but actually may be a bit more difficult than you anticipated. Choosing the perfect vacation destination requires you to find one that will satisfy the interests and needs of both kids and adults, which isn’t always easy. That’s why these five bloggers weigh in with their hints and tips for choosing the right destinations and accommodations.

Best Ways to Travel with Kids

Depending on how far you’re planning to travel and the ages and needs of your kids, there are a variety of methods for making your way to your chosen destination. These five bloggers discuss a few of the most popular travel options, allowing you to weigh the merits and drawbacks.

Preparations and Planning

The key to any successful venture, especially those that involve children, is careful and thorough planning. These five bloggers break down the best ways to ensure that you’re fully prepared and ready to embark on your family journey.

Packing for the Trip

Unless you’re in possession of a magic, Mary Poppins-style bag, you’ll need to choose the items you intend to pack for your vacation very carefully. Striking the balance between packing light and packing with forethought can be a challenge, but these five bloggers can come to the rescue with their travel packing tips.

Diversions and Distractions

When you arrive at your destination, you’ll realize that how you judge the relative success of your journey will depend upon how well your kids are distracted from the tedium of travel and entertained during the less exciting bits. These five blogs offer great advice for ensuring that your brood doesn’t succumb to temper tantrums and fussiness borne of travel boredom.

Junior Jet Lag and Travel Exhaustion

Adults don’t have a corner on the jet lag market, so you’ll need to be prepared in advance to deal with the inevitable crankiness that accompanies exhaustion while dealing with your own case of jet lag. If you’re planning to skip across time zones with little ones in tow, these five blog entries are must-reads.

image from http://www.tucantravel.com/holiday-types/family-holidays