If you are into self-development, self-empowerment, yoga, meditation and wellbeing then you should be planning a visit to the Mind Body Spirit London Wellbeing Festival 23-26 May.


This May sees the awesome Mind Body Spirit London Wellbeing Festival roll into London for a four day festival celebration of self-exploration, self-expression, music, workshops and community. A gathering of a global tribe, all looking to lead a better, healthier, empowered lifestyle.


This year’s Festival will feature some of the most inspirational,motivational speakers, musicians,artists and performers from across the globe as well as a whole host of exhibitors presenting wellbeing products, organic food, lifestyles choices ,therapies, jewellery, holistic retreats, treatments, divinations ,yoga, meditation,supplements and healing.


The festival also features 3 dedicated workshop spaces, live music, the popular Wellbeing Studio, two pop up temples, the Mantra Lounge, the Love Dome, A 360 degree cinema and creative art exhibitions.

So ditch your work mind and come explore your play time in a celebration of our positivity and hunger for community, personal growth and change.


Workshop Leaders include: Ruby Wax. Sonia Choquette. Michael Neil. Barefoot Doctor. John Parkin. Robert Holden. Jonathan Cainer. Sandy Newbiggin.Rev Peter Owen. Richard Rudd.Chloe Goodchild. Princes Martha Louise. Dr David Hamilton. Meir Schneider.Kyle Gray and many more.


The Mind Body Spirit London Wellbeing Festival

May 23-26 Earls Court London.SW5 9TA


Tickets : www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk

10.30-7.00 Friday/Sat/ Sun. 10.30-5.00 Monday


Friday: £9.00. Sat/Sun/Monday £13.00


In witnessing and being totally involved in the catastrophic tragedy at the end of the world, man and woman will undergo an enormous change in consciousness.

  The unprecedented experience will disintegrate all the old patterns of mind, incendiarise and purge the human psyche of its shaky foundations, and transform self-consciousness on earth.

  The personal self in self-consciousness, with all its false notions and troublesome ways, will be obliterated, leaving the survivors in an unimaginable state of pure consciousness.

  No class of people will be left out of the devastation. No politicians, industrialists, royalty, financiers, generals, scientists or workers will remain to imagine and discuss the carnage from the protected position of bystanders. Every individual will be the battlefield of personal soul-raking tragedy.

  Why? Why in the purpose of things is such horrific destruction and devastation necessary?

  Because only personal tragedy changes us. Of all the tragedy that has ever been in the world, it has never affected the majority before.

  Consequently, humanity has always lived off the imagined security of the majority - the world - and has changed little. This time, however, engulfed in total tragedy which leaves no room for escape, no room for intellectual discussion or fantasy, the survivors will change. The world will be literally blown out of them.

  From our worldly point of view, it would seem that those men and women will know enormous personal suffering for a long time. But in their new impersonal consciousness they will not see it that way. They will not recover and embrace the world again, as we do now when tragedy strikes here and there. None will ever again be the man or woman they were before. Each will be a creature of higher intelligence.

Extract from the Barry Long book title:

'A Prayer For Life' (pp 41-42)



Once in a while there comes a story, article, book or video that is so powerful, it can literally change your life instantly. This video is one of those. It just may be the best 6 minutes you have ever spent.


Die to Love

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Unmani’s compelling new book, Die to Love, points fearlessly to the truth of who you really are.  With courage and clarity, she addresses some of life’s greatest mysteries like ego, love, surrender and death. This is a focused and ruthless journey into looking at the core questions of what it means to be fully human. Die to Love rings with a Truth that will surely be savored by the longing Heart. Highly recommended. Chuck Hillig, Author of Enlightenment for Beginners


I hope this book takes off like a meteor and transforms the mind of humanity. It is much needed and much longed for by the heart of all that is. I hope the reader of this review will let Unmani’s Love and courage take you over, and take you back home to the Love you already are: Die to Love and awaken to who you really are! Charlie Hayes, author of Thy Will Be Done



Author: Originally from the UK, Unmani travels around the world offering spontaneous and direct nondual meetings and retreats in 'Not-Knowing'. Die to Love is her second book.

Love is the strangest imperative on the planet; strange because we really don't understand it, and an imperative because we can't help but seek it, long for it and try to pursue it all our life.

But what we don't and can't realise is that love is always here. In trying to understand love at any level we overlook the reality of love and mislead ourselves with concepts and notions of love that can never be the real thing.

The difficulty is our human nature and its agency, the human mind. The mind always has a question. It wants answers so that it can know something.

But it is impossible to know love. You can only love love. And when that love of love is deep enough to have transformed your human nature and your mind, you then are love. But still you won't know love. You can only know what is separate from you. When you are love there's no separation, no distinction, so no knowing.

Nevertheless you are then the knowledge of love. In the knowledge or being of love there is no more to know about love, life, truth, death or God; no more questions, no more doubt.

By comparison, knowing anything leads to another question which is a form of doubt. A good example of this is science. Irrespective of what science discovers or knows it always has another question - the insatiable drive to know more. So it is with everybody, particularly in respect of love.

What is this love beyond understanding, beyond the grasp of the mind?

It is life.

So beyond your mind you are life. And when you real-ise life you realise what you are.

Life is immortal, not mortal like the mind. Life is in every living thing so unlike the mind it is not individual, personal or particular. Life is always here, wherever here may be; because you are always here. And life does not change, move or waver. Only life-forms change and disappear. But life which animates them goes on unaffected.

Every human being loves life. All endeavour to survive - unless the burden of their human nature is so intolerable that they destroy their own form, their own body. Even so, the life they are is unaffected.

Life is the mystery behind the whole of existence - behind living and death.

You in your reality are that mystery.

And like mystery, there's just no end to Thee.


Extract from the Barry Long book title:

'A Prayer For Life' (pp 89-91)                       BUY A COPY HERE

Introducing The Dynamics of Astrology

Get yourself an absolute bargain! The High Heeled Guide To Spiritual Living by award winning author Alice Grist is available for download for 99p!

Spirited Nature

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A transformative journey of healing and growth, with Spirit providing the engine and Mother Nature the fuel.


We're currently entering a totally new life, the energies of the planet have shifted and we're being helped to adjust. We have been, are being, are soon to be reborn into that new energy...each in our own perfect time.

How To Remember Someone You've Lost Featured

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I can't tell you how beautiful this.....please watch.....

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