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Sacred body painting

The day after we arrived in the Huni Kuin village was another new experience – the day of sacred face and body painting. The designs and patterns were to enhance and protect your energy. My face painting design represented the Joboya snake which was to protect you from negative energy or spirits. When the Huni Kuin woman finished painting my face and I looked into the mirror I actually scared myself !!! The painting looked quite intense and warrior like. If I scared myself I wondered what someone else would think.  Just imagine walking down the local high street back home!!  My arms were painted with the alligator design which represented strength. I am sure this was chosen because of the food issues.

face painting_n

Scary face painting_n





The paint dye is extracted and crushed from various locally grown plants and their seeds. The natural dyes varied in colour depending on the seed used. The red seeded fruit in the picture below seems to have more significance than the other dyes used. It can also be applied and used on open small wounds .

Seeds for sacred face painting_nAnyone can face paint. The  Huni Kuin people are creative beings. Making many things from beaded jewellery to clay pots and much more.

I noticed that they lived in the moment. There was no stress in the jungle. So everything was done with ease and completed eventually.

Nature does not hurry,
yet everything is accomplished
~ Lao Tzu ~

Their energy flowed with the moment. Staying there in the jungle with the Huni Kuin taught you to live more in the moment for sure. There was also no internet. Imagine that!  No TV or computers and mobile phones. This was bliss for the time we were there.

The Huni Kuin lived in harmony with nature. They only took what they needed and left the rest for another time.

The woman spent time with young children and many a child was seen suckling on the mothers breast anywhere anytime. So I could seeplenty of ‘women time‘ together and the same for the men.  This made sense to me as I am sure it would to many people.  Where the younger boy or girl could learn skills from the same sex. Yet at the same time when the children and adults loved to play football the women joined in too and they were exceptionally good at playing football!!  I could see with that there was indeed a harmony between the sexes. Not like in the Western culture, where we seem to have created a polarising of the sexes. Seeing them as so different when in actual fact we are more similar than we think.

Girls from the Huni Kuin tribe_n

We were invited to join the children whilst they danced in our new skin attire. So with painted faces we joined in the fun. Sometimes the children would dance and sing for hours on end! It looked like a sort of meditational tranceand it seemed to have a grounding affect on all the children. It was also a form of play and connection amongst them all. They danced bare foot and sang, and after a few times dancing along with them, we joined them barefoot too. It was such an amazing grounding and heart filled experience!

dancers of the forest_n









Healing my heart

After a few more ceremonies, after many purges, which included purging parasites (the parasites seemed to to come from the base of my head during a projectile purge) and many bowel evacuations I felt my body had become much lighter!! In many ways.  Did you know most plant medicines are anti parasitic and are full of many nutrients.
After the 4th ceremony I knew my heart had been healed. I felt extremelygrounded and in my body  for the first time in many many years. This was the reason I had travelled all the way into the jungle abyss.
Everything I had experienced during the jungle trip had mimicked the moment I had fallen ill on the treadmill. Except in the jungle it seemed to go on over a longer period of time. The wanting to run away from discomfort and pain, to the fever I experienced on the boat. I think the whole jungle had collaborated helping me to heal. Including the sand flies! I realised this after leaving the jungle. There was many a time I had chosen to flee in my life and this time I had chosen to go through all the suffering and healing only to come out the other side.

I felt like a true warrior.

The morning after the last ceremony_n









Kambo – frog medicine

Kambo which is affectionately referred to as ‘frog medicine‘ was also on the ‘menu’ of Amazonian medicine . Which I love. Natures very own immunity booster and vaccination.

Kambo frog_n

This potent frog toxin which is excreted from the frogs skin is applied to the surface of your skin and within minutes you are purging, detoxing nearly every cell within the body and the blood.  The whole experience usually last from around 20 -30 minutes.  The toxin is applied in such minute doses to each individual.  The medicine contains many peptides which reduce inflammation and boost your immunity working on the physical body.  It also removes many spiritual blockages and realigns the chakras working on the psychic and spiritual bodies too.

My first encounter with kambo before coming to the jungle was indeed a powerful one. I had focused on my intention and then during the projectile purge I noticed I had expelled something heavy and it made a dunk noise in the bucket. I never thought anything of it until I had to  empty and rinse out my bucket and low and behold I had purged a small pebble about the size of my pinky finger nail!! Oh my goodness. Yeah. I have heard stories of energy transformation before and it got me wondering as you can imagine. The energy of intention!  And the release of the energy….. maybe transformed and became solidified? Is this possible ?  After all everything is energy. After this I became a kambo enthusiast.

The last ceremony

Just before the last ceremony after taking some more Amazonian medicini  I encountered a wonderful vision. As I was resting in my jungle hammock I closed my eyes and started to meditate. I could see this coloured light energy in my body and so I decided to watch and enjoy it for a moment. Then I opened my eyes and I could see the same energy in the jungle across the river from my hammock. The energy lines seemed to project from my eyes –   many red graphic lines all connected from me and into right into the jungle.  I  then became aware and heard some of the men speaking near by who were working on the ceremony hut. As they spoke and laughed I could see these same red energy lines move like you would see in a moving electrical graph chart. Each word they spoke, depending on the tone affected the way these red energy lines moved. I was transfixed.  Then, when they put on a CD with the Huni Kuin ceremony songs I saw this huge vortex appear above the ceremony hut where the music was being played. This vortex was shaped like a funnel . It appeared to go so far into the sky…..so far up where I had never seen before. It went into the cosmos . Where  I saw many other images! I then realised how powerful these words were!  I realised all that I had learnt about what we say and think really does go out into the universe. Dr Emoto and Messages from water had been one of my favourite books.  An epiphany ! You know when you knowbut when you really see it, in reality is a different thing.  The goodness and how powerful it was. It was met by the cosmos with the same energy. To see how we are all connected. Beautiful. I shared this with the Huni Kuin people after the last ceremony. I saw many a thing in the jungle…. but thats another story                     ;)

The last ceremony was indeed beautiful just like the rest of the ceremonies but this time I noticed my energy had changed! I was extremely grateful for my experience with the Huni Kuin tribe and their Shaman. Grateful for sharing their wisdom. Grateful for everything I had experienced. Being in the jungle and participating in the ceremonies is indeed a lifetime encounter not to be forgotten.

 Sand fly bites

Towards the second week my bites which were all over but my lower arms and lower legs, had taken a turn for the worst with all my itching. They seemed to ooze fluid continuously. For a moment they would form a scab and then after changing into another  long sleeved top the scabs would stick to the cotton top and then they would once again, be open. I had many a fresh Amazonian plant pack applied and plant juice squeezed over the bites which felt extremely soothing. But this didn’t last for long. I had even used my own urine on the bites as I knew this was of great benefit.  I also noticed my skin was beginning to burst into blisters filled with pus. All very strange. And some bites would disappear then reappear. Jungle majick? By the end of the journey I was at my wits end. My left ankle had swollen quite a bit. And by the time I reached the Uk my left lower leg had trebled in size. I ended up in the Tropical Disease unit in London hospital. I was on an intravenous antibiotic drip for 2 days. Plus a short spell of anti parasitic tablets. All yuk I must say. First time ever, spent in a hospital bed in my whole life!  I continued on oral antibiotics for a further period of time. I had suffered a secondary staphylococcus infection. Plus a sand fly parasitic infection- Leishmaniasis  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leishmaniasis.
I cannot omit how grateful I felt for having the hospital and staff  take care of me.












Even though I had this diagnosis and that diagnosis whilst in the hospital, I knew I had experienced some sort ofinitiation in the jungle. It was all meant to be.
I also knew that if I had been able to eat my usual type of food , raw food as people know it or what I eat which is more specific …Lifefood, I would never have been prone to this.
Within hours and days of changing what I ate after coming back into the UK I could see many a transformation take place on my skin. As I practise naturopathy and nutrition etc I wished to heal naturally and with nature. It is all I understand and know of.
I also added to my daily intake an anti parasitic herbal remedy and carried out a- liver cleanses. This will help remove any toxin overload I experienced during my travels but more so especially the build up of any pharmaceutical drugs I had taken. Lastly but not least I had taken amassive dose of probiotics – Jubbs Lifecolloid probiotic.
Eventually I started to apply a combination of organic essential oils to my skin as well. All is well                         ;)


All plant medicine is my food and nourishment .

Plants have a consciousness and wisdom that may help heal our mind body & spirit so that all bodies are integrated so we may unite and connect

If you enjoyed this blog you might like to read others too. I also write for Naturalcures.com and I am currently writing a book . 


By Susan Laing



If you would like any information on this kind of trip please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Also for more beautiful inspiration http://www.tribuspirit.com"



Well its a while since I have written a blog! And now I am back! Back from the Amazon jungle after spending a whole month in the beautiful hot tropical zumbacountry Brazil.
It has been some journey ! Some things we encounter and experience on our journey of healing on such a deep and profound level it is difficult to put into words and sometimes best left to the privacy of the individual. So here I would love to share with you a snippet of my experience of my healing and plant medicine and my privileged encounter with the Huni Kuin indigenous people.

A little bit about my past health

I have been on a journey of healing since falling ill a while back having suffered fromchronic fatigue syndrome - CFS – what ever that means and is also a bit of wish washy umbrella label.  CFS does not really say specifically what the cause may have been or make a fair diagnosis especially in the orthodox world.  Its mitochondria not hypochondria is quite a good analogy!  However  I suffered from many a physical ailment from loosing weight , dropping down to just under 7 stone , having jaundice, loosing my period for 2 years .  I was basically never the same person as I was before falling into this space. I lost my joie de vivre.  Some may call it loosing their soul and some may refer to it as a kind of Humpty Dumpty  who fell off the wall and broke into pieces only to put his or her pieces back together again. In Chinese Medicine they refer to it as a break in the electric or chi energetics.

I will divulge a little of my past ‘story‘ so it can make sense to anyone reading this and understand the amazing healing that took place in the jungle.

All I knew was after parting ( my choice) with a long term partner I encountered another very brief ‘relationship’ with a young handsome man.  I had made the decision to part for very good reasons due his very dysfunctional relationships with everyone around him. So it was not long after breaking up I was running on a treadmill in the gym. It was during these moments I felt extremely overwhelmed with grief and sadness that all I wanted to do was to runaway from the intensity of the pain but little did I realise it was nothing to do with the brief encounter  I had just experienced, but more to do with unresolved past child hood emotional traumas –the wounded child.  In that moment on the treadmill I remember so clearly that everything seemed to have felt channelled into this ‘break-down‘. I felt I was running away from the world. I heard and felt a physical tangible snap within my body. And then all of a sudden woosh…. I experienced an instant fever. It was like someone had injected me with an extreme intense heat and I began to sweat profusely and abnormally.  I had to stop running there and then. I went home and I felt nauseated. From that day on I was never quite the same person.
I would cry without any reason and just burst into fits of tears. I began to crave food that I never liked before. And I could not think straight. I felt anxious and couldn’t relax at any time or sleep. I became exhausted and depleted over time. I also reached depths of despair and experienced feelings of suicide and thought I wasdying. I had pains down the sides and back of my legs. And I couldn’t feel emotions of love that I could experience before. I had become numb. There were many other numerous symptoms but I won’t go into them here.

I believe my soul had left my body for the second time in my life.

These symptoms went on for many years only then did I discover organic raw food and then Lifefood and various methods of detoxing. Plus I experienced and attended many therapies based on emotional and spiritual healing from Buddhism, meditation,  to body electronics and so on.  These all helped my well being tremendously! I was after all off work for a total of 4 years. Sold my house gave up my work and much more.

My discovery of the Shamanic path
Later on the path of healing I discovered what I had always been looking for, theshamanic path. I discovered my long lost connection to nature. I was born in the African jungle and lived there for 12 years and I used to have my own little mantra at 8 years old “be at one with nature”.

I joined a Shamanic Drumming group and discovered journeying with the animal and spirit guides. My very first journey was an amazing experience for myself where I found myself questioning everything I had ever believed in. I had journeyed into other dimensions.  As soon as I closed my eyes I flew the eagle and flew over the red rocks in Indian territory. I then continued to experience Egypt and the felt the presence and saw of powerful  Egyptian Queen. I noticed the in detail her headdress and costume jewellery covered in gold and turquoise. And after this I seemed to travel into the prehistoric age where I encountered a giant turkey and much more. I never really knew about any of this so I found myself on google searching for related information. And then that was that! I was convinced I really had journeyed into other dimensions. I was excited!
I continued to experience other energetic shamanic experiences such as astral travelling and shapeshifting type encounters. Once I  saw my body turning into a falcon during the day whilst walking outside with a dog in the countryside. Many a time my body has turned into various snakes including the Australian Aborigine Rainbow snake. I could elaborate here as I have encountered quite a few of these wonderful  experiences. I have noticed when I have felt upset and emotional I have encountered animal shapeshifting. I feel I am blessed and protected by the spirit world.






So it was not long after experiencing the healing sound of the Shamanic drum that I discovered PLANTS! I joined quite a few shamanic plant ceremonies from Iboga to San Pedro, Peyote and Ayahuasca, where I felt a connection to the plants in such a deep profound and beautiful way. Once I remember  hearing the plants sing on one occasion after a peyote ceremony and I asked for guidance from them. It was from there on I started to communicate with the plants.This is my reality and how I ground myself.

I was sitting in a circle amongst friends after sharing indigenous plant snuff – medicine from the Amazon rape – pronounced happe andI was listening to the Ayahuasca Icaro sung by female Peruvian shaman with a so soft sweet beautiful voice.  I heard the words “I am your mother, come back to me”.  It was at this moment I knew I had a deeper connection to this spirit plant and I knew I was going to spending more time with her . The next thing I knew not long after attending an Ayahuasca ceremony in Europe I was off to the Amazon to spend my time with the Huni Kuin Indigenous Tribe and their spiritual shaman leader.

The journey into the Amazon jungle abyss

The journey to reach there into the heart of the jungle was a long one. It involved 4 plane journeys and a 7 hour bumpy road taxi journey shared with 5 other Brazilians only to eventually reach the little sprawled town of Tarauaca located on the edge of the Amazon jungle in the Acre region of Brazil. I stayed in a beautiful little cheap and cheerful yellow painted sun blessed hotel only to meet up with the other jungle travellers and our wonderful apprentice shaman who was to guide us during the whole of the trip.

We bought and collected our necessities for the trip from our mosquito nets, hammocks and mini groovy bright blue or white wellington boots and oh… loads of insect repellent lotion and potions!       ;)

So we set off down the winding river with its muddy coloured waters so mystical and full of jungle majick. The river was full of majick and we were lucky enough to encounter the elusive Amazonian pink dolphin on our slow boat journey into the Amazon.
We had many a moment emptying the slow leaking canoe whilst indulging in Brazilian Amazonian wild fruit and eating the local food cooked on the small boat stove. We did our best to pick up a few words and phrases of the Brazilian lingo. The children on the boat were so keen on teaching us and turned it into such fun and games  especially with a the gorgeous young boy with big wide eyes who I affectionately named   ‘big wide-eyed boy’.

One of the most exciting experiences on the boat journey was our encounter the sacred Ayahuasca Joboya snake! Our guide had one as a short term pet as needless to say he escaped. We had the privilege to hold it in our hands for a short scary but exciting time and  we were advised to stay peaceful and quiet as the snake is sensitive to noise or sudden movement, just like most animals are.

Joyoba snake_n







Eventually after 4 days on a slow boat, after encountering a true Amazonian heavy long rain fall  we reached the  5th village of the Huni kuin Tribe deep in the  heart of the Amazon jungle. Our welcome was something I will never forget as we were greeted from the village river banks by numerous painted- faced -smiling -Huni Kuin children who were only too pleased to help us with our huge plastic bags full of newly bought jungle necessities.

We were glad to set our feet on  terra firma where we knew we would be staying for a while longer.

Painted faced children welcoming us


The Amazon jungle has a voice and an energy that permeates through every part of your being. It is unlike anywhere else I have ever been and I have traveled many a place. The virgin jungle abyss is full of beautiful sounds from singing crickets , various symphonic frog deep croaks and many a macaw squaksand screeches. There are so many different bird sounds too.  I could almost hear them as words sounds in the native language. One bird in particular made a sound that reminded me unbelievably of a car alarm!

First night at the village of the Huni Kuin

So resting our first night in one of the unusual wooden houses built on stilts, with our ‘room’ open to the surrounding nights sounds emanating from every tree, plant and animal we shared a few hours gazing into the blanket of jungle darkness with the sky illuminated with billions of twinkling stars only to feel gratitude at having come this far.
This first night I saw a spirit of the forest. It appeared as a moving shadow almost resembling someone with a black cloak. I felt a little anxious so my jungle companion and I called to the shaman…”I have seen something just over there” .  His presence and reassurance of ”all was okay” and ”not to worry” immediately calmed me down. After the shaman went off to his bed I could still see the spirit of the forest move in all shapes and sizes but never seemed to move from the same spot. So eventually the early hours of the dark morning decided to go and sink into our colourful cotton hammocks.

Learning how to find a comfortable position in a hammock was a new experience after sleeping on the floor at home.  As you can imagine every day was full of new experiences.  One of them included my attempt to communicate with members of this tribe.  My knowledge of their language was sparse compared to the other travellers.

I noticed how humble, grounded and focused the Huni Kuin people were. The children were shy and seemed unsure of us. I was aware of their of their gaze, watching every thing about our dress and hair, especially my braided hair.   As time went on I also noticed how they liked to share their their food amongst everyone.  The children brought us new local fresh fruit goodies each day. I also noticed that they also never had seconds at meal times and often shared a plate.
I could not digest most of the cooked food. So I did my best to compromise and eat the simplest of the food.  The first time I ate cooked table-salted white rice, the next day I noticed my ankles had swollen which is not good a sign.  I even indulged in some of the wild caught alligator, deer and fish. But again this was not for my body. I had been eating mostly uncooked organic raw vegan food for 7 years. Previous to this I was a so called vegetarian.  I was also aware of how concerned the Huni Kuin people were about my limited diet.

The jungle sand flies were making a feast of me!  I noticed one of the girls who came out with us did not have any problems at all. And I am sure it was due to my temperament and how the food affected me that they chose to eat me!! It is a well known fact that food can change the blood with in a short time of ingesting it, making a tasty concoction of blood elixirs for them.
I lived in Africa for 12 years and never experienced this before.

The First Ayahuasca Ceremony 

Not long after arriving in the village of these beautiful souls of the Huni Kuin during the first Ayahuacsa ceremony I experienced the most beautiful sounds sung by the children and women.  Whilst they sang during the ceremony I could feel their sweet and pure souls via the Ayahuasca vibrations. Touching somewhere deep inside of me. The plants were singing with them. The Shaman spiritual leader could whistle a tune with such ease and the notes he seemed to create again were so de-light-full.

I found myself going through a deep cleansing healing with the Ayahuasca, rape  and various other Amazonian jungle medicines.  I could feel my body going through many changes within. During the first ceremony I was so aware of the support from the Huni Kuin people.  My body seemed to shake continuously and uncontrollably almost like having rigours. My jaws were chattering and my head was shaking. I was shifting some very deep energy. I could feel the energy gradually move up my body like it had been stuck somewhere for a very long time until eventually I would sob and purge several times  Plants, (medicine) has an amazing capacity and wisdom to scan the body and go to the very parts that need attention and healing.  People often say it is like having 10 years of psychotherapy in one night. But oh so much much more! It is spiritual in every sense. Something very profound and subtle can happen within most people that have had the chance to experience plant medicine – nature in all its glory.  We in the west often forget about the spirit and only tend to focus on the body physical ailment with a stuck limited label and the same with the mind.
Yes, plants have an infinite wisdom and consciousness way beyond what we as a human being will ever understand. It is meant to be this way. Nature has many secrets so that we may bow down to something greater than us. It is the shaman who can communicate with the plants and cosmos.

When you are out deep in the jungle abyss you can feel the jungle energy!

The departing of one of the travellers

Around day 5 one of our travellers had to make her way back home as she was in a lot of pain with her infected root canal. I was sorry to see her go. But it was a necessity. I remember feeling the urge to join her as I was finding my experience difficult with my numerous sand fly bites and food issues. I felt like I wanted to run from all that I was suffering. But something inside of me knew I had to complete this trip here. I had been called to come here. The strong knowing to stay out weighed the urge to flee. It wasn’t anything to do with the place, it was just my continual feeling of fatigue, foggy head and constant crazy itching.  At times I felt I was going insane.

Drinking fresh Mother Ayahuasca vine elixir water

So after one of the travellers  had left and I had decided to stay on for more medicine and spiritual healing  we decided to go on another boat journey further into the jungle to collect some locally grown Ayahuasca vine and make our very own brew. We were only 36 km away from one of the truest isolated indigenous Huni Kuin tribes. No Western man had managed to find their way into this tribe as they did not wish for any contact with the outer world. An arrow would be shot in your direction if you were to approach this tribe.
I found this knowledge exciting! Not the arrow shooting!!! I had seen and heard of this tribe via National Geographic photos taken from above flying helicopters.
Anyway back to the boat trip…. I suddenly came over with extreme nausea and felt quite sick. I was also hallucinating. Had the shivers too. I began to feel quite anxious as I felt I was loosing my mind. I began to communicate with the jungle plants on the river bank edges. I remember smelling a strong sweet flowery aroma from the jungle at this point . I had smelt this before as we were travelling up the river on our way  into the jungle village . So I asked the plants to help me feel better and to take away any spirit that did not belong in my body. I also asked the shaman for some rape which I thought would help move some of this stuck energy. The nausea just became worse and I began to purge. I instinctively  knew I had to chant the Huni Kuin Icaro for the rape medicine and as did this I could feel the energy of the words in my body. I was aware of energy being stuck in my upper chest and eventually it gradually shifted upwards. The rDrinking the vine water_nape has a wonderful affect on moving stuck energy. So I had 3 lots of this medicine during this boat trip.  I had received some healing from the plants. Eventually we reached our vine destination and once again landed on terra firma. We walked through the dense tree jungle. We chopped and collected the ancient Ayahuasca vines but I was not really present I felt I was standing outside my body and I was sweating profusely whilst watching everything during the cutting of the vine. We then had an amazing experience. We drank the water straight from a piece of fresh cut ayahuasca vine. Which when squeezed the elixir water of happiness dribbled into our open mouths and as soon as the water drops touched my lips I could feel the energy from this plant and I began to laugh !!
Eventually we returned to the village and I took to my hammock for the rest of the day not wishing to eat any thing at all or do anything.

It was many an experience like this for me in the abyss jungle. My body being as sensitive as it is.

The jungle was hot and humid. With sweat sticking to you when taking our adventures through the jungle learning about the medicine of the Amazonian plants. We were wearing long sleeved T -shirts to protect our arms from being bitten from mosquitos and sand flies. We wore short shiny plastic wellington boots as it could rain any time and the jungle was full of muddy puddles and unknown other jungle foreign surprises. As time went on we felt like going barefoot like the children did. Such freedom! We wore trousers every day too. So it was, to be covered like this in this humidity. The jungle walks lead by their medicine man were indeed exciting. With the famous doctrine of signatures showing up in many plants. We were toldevery plant is a medicine which I believed. Using wisdom and knowledge would depend on how you administered the plant as well as knowing your patient is always the way of the medicine man or woman.

Plants with doctrine of signature this one was for circulation _n









Making our own home grown Ayahuasca

We were shown how to make the Ayahuasca. All the woman came together to meditate on the picking of the chacruna leaves.

chacaruna leaves_n

We picked the leaves in silence. I asked for peace and love whilst picking the leaves. This leaf is  known to contain the hallucinogenic or enthneogenic – indole alkaloid dimethyltryptamine  (DMT) part of the Ayahuasca brew.  The more wildversion of this plant has even stronger  amounts of DMT. This can be added out of choice when making the brew. We were advised to continue in our meditative state throughout the day of making the brew as all INTENTION is focused on the making of the brew. It takes several hours to concoct.  The vine has to be bruised and beaten with large hammer like wooden tool which allows the water and juices and fibres of the vine soak into the boiling pot of water and chacruna. *** It also contains enzymes that allow the ayahuasca vine to be taken orally


Painting faces and more in part two to be continued….



By Susan Laing Plant Woman



If you would like any information on this kind of trip please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Also for more beautiful inspiration http://www.tribuspirit.com"

plant woman_n


Unhappiness lives in you. At this moment, even though you may be tranquil or untroubled, unhappiness is there. Periodically and inevitably it will rise up and you will be unhappy without knowing why. You will be depressed, self-doubting, self-pitying, lonely, resentful or sad.


Unhappiness is not natural in you. It has invaded you from the external world since your conception in the womb. The invasion started through the medium of similarly acquired unhappiness residing in your mother's body. And since infancy, due to your parents' ignorance of the cause of unhappiness, and the ignorance of your associates, teachers and yourself, unhappiness has been allowed to continue to enter and grow in you. It is now a sturdy, health-eroding, degenerative, living body, the same age as yourself. This is your 'unhappy body'.


The substance of your 'unhappy body' is your emotions. You may think you get pleasure out of your emotions. But it's a fickle pleasure, an emotional high that never lasts because its opposite pole is fickle pain, an emotional low. The two are a see-saw. You can't have one without the other.


Emotional pleasure arises from the stimulus of excitement. Then, as the excitement dies, the pleasure disappears. And you gradually become bored, restless, confused or unhappy - until another stimulus comes along. You are up for a while, then down. That is your life. Up-and-down. Pleasure precedes pain: pain precedes pleasure. And in-between the dreaded emptiness of boredom and aloneness prevents you from making the connection or seeing the truth of how your life is being manipulated.

Extract from the Barry Long book title:
'Only Fear Dies' (pp 30-31)



If you are into self-development, self-empowerment, yoga, meditation and wellbeing then you should be planning a visit to the Mind Body Spirit London Wellbeing Festival 23-26 May.


This May sees the awesome Mind Body Spirit London Wellbeing Festival roll into London for a four day festival celebration of self-exploration, self-expression, music, workshops and community. A gathering of a global tribe, all looking to lead a better, healthier, empowered lifestyle.


This year’s Festival will feature some of the most inspirational,motivational speakers, musicians,artists and performers from across the globe as well as a whole host of exhibitors presenting wellbeing products, organic food, lifestyles choices ,therapies, jewellery, holistic retreats, treatments, divinations ,yoga, meditation,supplements and healing.


The festival also features 3 dedicated workshop spaces, live music, the popular Wellbeing Studio, two pop up temples, the Mantra Lounge, the Love Dome, A 360 degree cinema and creative art exhibitions.

So ditch your work mind and come explore your play time in a celebration of our positivity and hunger for community, personal growth and change.


Workshop Leaders include: Ruby Wax. Sonia Choquette. Michael Neil. Barefoot Doctor. John Parkin. Robert Holden. Jonathan Cainer. Sandy Newbiggin.Rev Peter Owen. Richard Rudd.Chloe Goodchild. Princes Martha Louise. Dr David Hamilton. Meir Schneider.Kyle Gray and many more.


The Mind Body Spirit London Wellbeing Festival

May 23-26 Earls Court London.SW5 9TA


Tickets : www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk

10.30-7.00 Friday/Sat/ Sun. 10.30-5.00 Monday


Friday: £9.00. Sat/Sun/Monday £13.00


In witnessing and being totally involved in the catastrophic tragedy at the end of the world, man and woman will undergo an enormous change in consciousness.

  The unprecedented experience will disintegrate all the old patterns of mind, incendiarise and purge the human psyche of its shaky foundations, and transform self-consciousness on earth.

  The personal self in self-consciousness, with all its false notions and troublesome ways, will be obliterated, leaving the survivors in an unimaginable state of pure consciousness.

  No class of people will be left out of the devastation. No politicians, industrialists, royalty, financiers, generals, scientists or workers will remain to imagine and discuss the carnage from the protected position of bystanders. Every individual will be the battlefield of personal soul-raking tragedy.

  Why? Why in the purpose of things is such horrific destruction and devastation necessary?

  Because only personal tragedy changes us. Of all the tragedy that has ever been in the world, it has never affected the majority before.

  Consequently, humanity has always lived off the imagined security of the majority - the world - and has changed little. This time, however, engulfed in total tragedy which leaves no room for escape, no room for intellectual discussion or fantasy, the survivors will change. The world will be literally blown out of them.

  From our worldly point of view, it would seem that those men and women will know enormous personal suffering for a long time. But in their new impersonal consciousness they will not see it that way. They will not recover and embrace the world again, as we do now when tragedy strikes here and there. None will ever again be the man or woman they were before. Each will be a creature of higher intelligence.

Extract from the Barry Long book title:

'A Prayer For Life' (pp 41-42)



Once in a while there comes a story, article, book or video that is so powerful, it can literally change your life instantly. This video is one of those. It just may be the best 6 minutes you have ever spent.


Die to Love

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Unmani’s compelling new book, Die to Love, points fearlessly to the truth of who you really are.  With courage and clarity, she addresses some of life’s greatest mysteries like ego, love, surrender and death. This is a focused and ruthless journey into looking at the core questions of what it means to be fully human. Die to Love rings with a Truth that will surely be savored by the longing Heart. Highly recommended. Chuck Hillig, Author of Enlightenment for Beginners


I hope this book takes off like a meteor and transforms the mind of humanity. It is much needed and much longed for by the heart of all that is. I hope the reader of this review will let Unmani’s Love and courage take you over, and take you back home to the Love you already are: Die to Love and awaken to who you really are! Charlie Hayes, author of Thy Will Be Done



Author: Originally from the UK, Unmani travels around the world offering spontaneous and direct nondual meetings and retreats in 'Not-Knowing'. Die to Love is her second book.

Love is the strangest imperative on the planet; strange because we really don't understand it, and an imperative because we can't help but seek it, long for it and try to pursue it all our life.

But what we don't and can't realise is that love is always here. In trying to understand love at any level we overlook the reality of love and mislead ourselves with concepts and notions of love that can never be the real thing.

The difficulty is our human nature and its agency, the human mind. The mind always has a question. It wants answers so that it can know something.

But it is impossible to know love. You can only love love. And when that love of love is deep enough to have transformed your human nature and your mind, you then are love. But still you won't know love. You can only know what is separate from you. When you are love there's no separation, no distinction, so no knowing.

Nevertheless you are then the knowledge of love. In the knowledge or being of love there is no more to know about love, life, truth, death or God; no more questions, no more doubt.

By comparison, knowing anything leads to another question which is a form of doubt. A good example of this is science. Irrespective of what science discovers or knows it always has another question - the insatiable drive to know more. So it is with everybody, particularly in respect of love.

What is this love beyond understanding, beyond the grasp of the mind?

It is life.

So beyond your mind you are life. And when you real-ise life you realise what you are.

Life is immortal, not mortal like the mind. Life is in every living thing so unlike the mind it is not individual, personal or particular. Life is always here, wherever here may be; because you are always here. And life does not change, move or waver. Only life-forms change and disappear. But life which animates them goes on unaffected.

Every human being loves life. All endeavour to survive - unless the burden of their human nature is so intolerable that they destroy their own form, their own body. Even so, the life they are is unaffected.

Life is the mystery behind the whole of existence - behind living and death.

You in your reality are that mystery.

And like mystery, there's just no end to Thee.


Extract from the Barry Long book title:

'A Prayer For Life' (pp 89-91)                       BUY A COPY HERE

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