Vivesection – is it necessary?

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image courtesy of the BUAV (no affiliation with SHAC) I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night and also woke up really early this morning.  My head was full of thoughts on how cruel humans are. There is so much in this world that goes on behind closed doors and most people prefer it

image courtesy of the BUAV (no affiliation with SHAC)

I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night and also woke up really early this morning.  My head was full of thoughts on how cruel humans are. There is so much in this world that goes on behind closed doors and most people prefer it that way.  What we see doesn’t hurt us, right?

What does this mean? Vivisection is surgery conducted upon a living organism, typically animals with a central nervous system, to directly view living internal structure for purposes other than the health of the subject.

I was in Camden last year and I remember some animal rights activists from the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty group, peacefully protesting outside the station, holding some very horrific pictures of animals with horrible wounds on them from the testing that is carried out on them. I took a leaflet had a read and thought how terrible but until now, haven’t really  looked into it further.

I have always known about animal testing but I had no idea how large a scale it was, how its another huge money making industry and that millions of animals are used every year.  In my little fantasy world I think I wanted to think it was on a small scale.

I do not profess to be an expert in any field to do with my blog, I merely am on a journey to making my life better by being more conscious and hopefully encouraging others to do the same.

Its amazing how even now, after seeing some of these videos of cruelty (not just animals being tested on but kicked and punched and yelled at in the worst way by the handlers) that people will say oh we have to do this, its for the good of mankind otherwise humans will die!

First of all, why are there so many drugs in society with most of us either regularly taking things or  for at least a period of say ten years (antidepressants/contraceptive pill) ? Why are there more and more drugs being developed?  There are many reasons but most of it comes down to money. Think of how much money drug companies make? They are one the most lucrative industries in the entire world.

But, as individuals we are causing this need to increase as well.  Why?

It’s because, we are getting sicker and sicker from the very poor lifestyle and uncaring ways of our own health.  If we ate a very healthy diet (and I mean a true healthy diet -more raw including superfoods and less or no meat) and actually took care of ourselves, exercised etc the amount of disease would slide dramatically in any case…….secondly, there are many accurate and scientific alternatives to testing on animals.

Huntingdon is a multi million pound international company who have animal testing laboratories all over the word but quite a few and the ‘flagship lab’ are here in the UK. Not too far from London. Behind big gates in labs that the ordinary person does not get to see.  They are responsible for millions of animal deaths every year. These animals live in tiny cages, and have the most horrific things done to them. All in the name of science, yet their results are always inaccurate.

There are many people now in jail who were involved in the SHAC group, with some in jail for 12 year sentences. More than someone who commits murder of a human! Surely this amount of time is wrong? They did not physically hurt any human yet were given massive punishments.

You can read about them here:

The SHAC group are very controversial they do ‘protest’ and perhaps do things that are not thought to be very ‘ethical’ or legal.

The question is, do their methods work?

I want to witness an animal protest and I am going to do this in September, but going as press so I can observe and then blog about it later here on my website. I am going to chat to the people involved in the protest and find out their thoughts on what they do and how effective they think it is.

I also want to find out more about what the BUAV do as their approach is very different.  They lobby different issues with the government to get animal treatment laws to change.  This is the most important thing to do, if the laws change then we can make sure companies follow proper procedure.

They encourage us to write letters and emails to our local MP’s and the more that do this, the more it can make a difference.

I really agree with what they do, it makes sense to put pressure on the government because its up to them to truly change what is going on. Please visit the BUAV for further information

Some people say Animal Testing is a neccessary evil.  But to me, it does not make sense to test things for humans on tiny animals whose genetic makeup is far different to ours.  Think about it, does a rat have similar blood and body type like ours? does a cat? or a dog? or a monkey? The answer is NO!

And because of this, there are so many drugs on the market that are actually very very dangerous!

I would urge you to have a look at these two videos so you can make up your own mind.

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