Krinklies Launches New Construction Kit to Stretch Children’s Imaginations

Krinklies – a brand new construction kit for boys and girls aged 8+ is bringing a bright new dimension to build-and-create play, providing enormous fun, but also much creative stimulation for the children stretching their imagination with it.


Krinklies is the most exciting new entrant to the construction toy sector in years. This creative construction kit allows children to bring to life whatever their imagination chooses and work in 3-D.  It boosts their creativity, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity, while also delivering the satisfaction of coming up with a visualised idea and bringing it to life.


With none of the limiting constraints of some construction toys, it is a kit based on 200 bendable and stretchable tubes that can be shaped any which way, using five different colour choices, to create almost anything a child wishes.


The bendable tubes can become spirals, whirls, straight lines, kinks and much more and by using small connectors, tubes can be linked together to create pieces such as a full circle.


Glue spots allow children to stick parts of their creation together, while scissors enable them to snip Krinklies to create firmer joins by pushing one tube through another. Small connector links are also provided and an online video shows children how to do slightly more challenging things such as cutting a Krinklie to make a crossbeam.


While additional bags of Krinklies tubes can be bought, the Krinklies can be reformed after use, by inserting a rod into a shaped or compressed Krinklie, stretching it and then squeezing it back together. It really is child’s play!

Whether it’s a bird, a plane, a bunch of flowers, a person, jewellery, a house or a bicycle that emerges, the end result is one of great satisfaction for the child.  The possibilities are endless.


The kit is as much fun for adults as children and can provide hours of entertainment in the home, or in an after-school club!  Schools can reduce the purchase price by omitting scissors, if they wish.


Construction toys have determined many a career path and future artists, sculptors, designers, architects and engineers will no doubt one day state that they’d played with Krinklies as a child!


Head to to buy your box online  – the cost is £14.95 plus £4 postage and packing. Anyone wishing to become a distributor should contact Arnold Fox via the website contact form or by calling 0161 740 0401.