Children’s Beautiful Smile Endangered

Free nasal breathing is important in the growth and development of facial bones from infancy. When nasty British weather causes endemic head colds and continual congestion, children start breathing through their mouths, and this often turns into a habit causing the upper jaw to narrow and crowd the front teeth, and crowded teeth are always crooked teeth.


Children as young as 4 or 5 years of age should be assessed for dental malocclusions stemming from mouth breathing, as simple and effective treatment is available. More importantly parents can help the situation by supporting their child’s immune systems with regular and sufficient sleep, good eating habits including fresh fruit and vegetables and appropriate clothing for the winter period. Clean and healthy teeth from the outset are prerequisites for the natural development of beautiful teeth as everyone wants but are not always able to afford when it’s gone wrong. Toothbeary’s dedicated children’s dental practices will insure the best possible care and guidance for your children’s smile both now and in the future.


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