Essentials For The Perfect Family Portrait In Summer 2014

It is best to get all your family members in the portrait; it will be priceless to have three or more generations in one memorable shot, and it’s fun as well.


The summer portrait idea is classic, as natural sunlight and blooming flora surrounds the season, but it won’t do you any good unless you know the ingredients to a perfect picture. There are many elements in the photograph that you, not the photographer, determine. A few of them are outlined below:

Right Amounts of Makeup and Hairstyling

Unless you are going for a costume portrait, do not overdo the hair or makeup. Each member of the family should be wearing the kind of hair and makeup (if any) that they wear on a daily basis. If the ladies doll up too much for a portrait, it will not look natural – this holds true for men as well.

Ladies should try opting for organic makeup as it gives a more natural tone to the skin, without the dangers of chemicals and preservatives. Also, the minerals don’t sink into the pores, so organic make-up prevents too much color or powder appearance. Keep the entire family’s look very natural and effortless.

Coordinated Clothing

If the entire clan wears coordinated colors, it turns out really well in pictures. However, wearing clothes that match exactly is not recommended. Try and wear clothes within the same color palette and style.

For example, your family can opt for wearing soft pastel colors in eco-friendly clothing for keeping in touch with the summer theme. If you plan to take pictures in a garden, wear monochrome outfits that will stand out against the flowery, summery background. Bamboo made tops and dresses made out of plant oils and natural fiber will allow your family to make an eco-friendly style statement. 

Choose the Right Photographer

The person behind the camera (and of course, the camera itself) determines how the portrait will turn out. So when choosing photo studios, you should aim for a quality source that can create lasting reminders of you and your loved ones.

This will make your job a lot easier, as you will be getting expert assistance while shooting your family portrait. You can ask for a large aperture setting, so that everyone in the picture is in focus. However, the rule of thumb is to trust the photographer with other technical details.

Perfect Lighting

A summer portrait beckons for daylight photography. Take pictures when the sun is out; natural sunlight makes your faces look naturally vivid, and it is not too harsh on the eyes, unlike studio lights.

Choose a setting like your favorite beach, a lush green park, or even your own backyard. If the lightning is right, your pictures will turn out flawless. Even if the location is indoors, choose a room that offers the best lights.

Pose Naturally

Tilting and joining heads in pictures is fine as long as you are taking a selfie at the prom. Making stern or fake poses can end up ruining the result.

For a perfect family portrait, everyone must be natural and very relaxed for the pictures. After a few sitting-down shots, try taking pictures while you are talking or walking around as a family. Remember, the key to great pictures is to pose and smile unpretentiously.


In the end, don’t forget the most important ingredient for a great portrait – the love and affection of a well-knit, eco-friendly family.