30 of the Best Blogs with Eco-Friendly Nursery Room Theme Ideas


Eco Nursery Design

      There is a growing industry in eco-interior design, so it isn’t difficult to find decorating inspiration. However, your baby deserves nothing but the best. This is his safe place, where he will sleep, play and explore the world around him – make it a world that is both eco-friendly and bright. To get you started, these five blogs feature helpful tips and advice on how to design eco-friendly nurseries.

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Nursery Furniture
Furniture is one of the trickier aspects of eco-friendly decoration. You will, of course, want to avoid using toxic materials. Where it is possible, up-cycling and repurposing old furniture is a great way to avoid unnecessarily wasting materials, too. The environment is already under enough strain, so anything you can do to stem the flow of further damage is a good thing. For all your eco-friendly furniture needs, make sure to follow these five blogs.

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Nursery Bedding and Curtains
Once you have the design and furniture in place, it’s time to think about bedding and curtains. Both will play a huge part in keeping your baby healthy, in ways that you may not even realize. The materials that you choose are important; however, you also want your baby to feel comfortable. If this is your first eco-friendly nursery, learn which types of bedding and curtains are best with these five blogs.

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    2. on organic linens sale promotion, new luxury organic towels and baby & children’s bedding
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    4. Eco-Friendly Nursery for your Baby

Eco-Themed Nurseries
Children learn from the world around them through touch, smells, sights and sounds. If you want to get really creative, you can use the nursery as his first introduction to the environment with nature themed décor. There are plenty of other options that will help him understand the importance of an eco-friendly life, too. The possibilities are limitless, as long as you have a good imagination and a touch of creative flair. Failing that, there are some exceptionally bright ideas for eco-friendly nursery themes in these five blogs.

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Floor and Walls
Complete your nursery by adding some finishing touches to the floor and walls. Eco-friendly decals are relatively cheap, or you can make your own at home. Carpets and flooring might stretch your budget a little further, but if you have managed to recycle or save on homemade items, the cost should balance out. These five blogs discuss options for eco-friendly, wall and floor décor that will give your nursery some added style.

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    5. Eco-friendly Carpet Choices for Your Home

Eco-Friendly Toys
Now that the nursery is complete, it’s time for Junior to play. Mass-produced toys are typically made from toxic materials which are far from being environmentally friendly. Many handmade toys, on the other hand, are created using recycled, safe materials. Your little bundle of joy will get hours of fun out of the toys featured in these five blogs, without you having to worry about adversely impacting the environment.

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