UK’s 1st Multi-Shape Play Tent Kit Launched at Creative kids

Fire up your kid’s imagination and help them rediscover the joy of creative play without screens, tablets or battery powered gadgets! Create beautiful looking camps in the home or garden or build the perfect sleepover camp. Teepee, tent, palace or spaceship, it’s your space you decide!

Kidcampz back story

Simon Pratt from Kingsbridge in Devon has launched an innovative new play tent called Kidcampz.

Having moved from Wiltshire to Devon 10 years ago he promised himself he would set up a business in South West. Little did he know his kids would be the inspiration for an ingenious play tent – the UK’s first multi-shape play tent kit.

“Basically we got so fed up of our twin children asking for electronic games, we challenged them to come up with their own camp making kit. Much to our surprise they did. And it looked such a good idea we got some prototypes made up to test with their friends.”

Two year on and Kidcampz is fast becoming a firm favourite with kids aged 4+ across the region and as far abroad as The Netherlands and New Zealand.

Simon believes that all children love being creative if they’re given the chance. He also believes that the art of camping building is a fabulous way to encourage them to use their imagination.

“There’s a lot of pop up tents and wendy houses on the market, but nothing that encourages children to create their own fantasy play space. Kidcampz is different. You can make a range of standalone camps or combine it with furniture around the house or garden to make any shape camp you like. Tent, teepee, castle or palace, it’s your space, you decide. Add a smidgeon of imagination and the possibility for hours of creative play are endless!”

The Kidcampz play tent kit comes with a large sheet complete with pockets, windows and door plus poles, connectors and a range of camp making accessories. One thing that catches people’s attention is that the whole kit has a touch of class to it.

“We wanted to create something that inspired children to play together but would also look beautiful in the home or garden. We’ve seen some awe-inspiring sleepover camps decorated with fairy lights, duvets and quilts and some beautiful camps using sofas, dining tables and kitchen stools! We’ve tried to use high quality materials and designed it so Kidcampz look good in any home setting. We’re hoping that it’s something parents won’t mind keeping up over the weekend or during the holidays!”

Currently Kidcampz is manufactured in China but according to Simon he would like to move production to Devon.“It would be lovely to put a made in England stamp on it. Even better if we could include the Devon flag! We’re talking to some manufacturers and hope to move the operation here in 2014.”

Kidcampz costs £165 and is available on Amazon or on the Kidcampz website at