Part 6 – Top Ten Parenting Mistakes – Disciplining with emotional or physical abuse.

Some parents think they have to insult their child into good behavior. Some think they have to injure them, scare them or hurt them into good behavior.

However, we learn how to treat people by how we are treated. We have “mirror neurons” that record how we are treated and then propel us to treat

others the same way, almost as if this way is the only way to go. Thus, parents who were whipped, believe the right thing to do is to whip their

children. Any attempt by a counselor to correct that drive may be taken as an insult or assault to the parent, because they are actually driven to treat their

child the way they were treated. By the same token, their children will have the same internal drive, and will also want to belittle their employee or insult

their mate into treating them better, something that never works. This drive will be difficult to overcome, but it starts with a desire to change.