Part 5 – Top Ten Parenting Mistakes -Failing to give praise more than criticism.

Parents cannot give more criticism than they give praise. A child naturally wants to please their parent, and takes the disappointment of their parent to heart, unless the child has already become convinced that nothing will bring a light to their parents’ eyes. If doing well does not bring praise and recognition, then what’s the point in trying? As a matter of fact, if all the parent does to notice their child is to criticize, then eventually the child will develop a rebellious attitude.

Furthermore, if anyone else in the child’s life gives more criticism than praise, they will have no influence over the child.

Who says kid’s don’t come with a manual? Now they do! Dr Faye believes that parents need good theory as well as clinicians. With good theory they can parent better and self-correct as well.  The Manual is not just for parents, the information enables adults to objectively evaluate their own childhood lessons and even ‘re-parent’ themselves on their own or with the help of therapy.