Part 2 – Top Ten Parenting Mistakes


Failing to follow through with consistent discipline. Enforcing discipline is work. If we set consequences and follow through early on, then we are credible in the child’s eyes, and the child becomes fairly low maintenance.

Once we waver, the child picks up on it and will try to break our resolve. The more we fail to follow through with consequences the more our child is reinforced to persist in defying us. Thus, what is once a small task to follow through becomes a huge task.

The more we fail to follow through, the harder it will be to turn it around. When we don’t follow through we raise monsters. I am not kidding, MONSTERS, who think rules don’t apply to them and who think they are better than others. We are the ones who have to turn it around, and the sooner the better.

You have to give consistent and stronger consequences. You must not waiver.


Who says kid’s don’t come with a manual? Now they do! Dr Faye believes that parents need good theory as well as clinicians. With good theory they can parent better and self-correct as well.  The Manual is not just for parents, the information enables adults to objectively evaluate their own childhood lessons and even ‘re-parent’ themselves on their own or with the help of therapy.