Part 1 – Top 10 Parenting Mistakes

Putting their child in daycare before three years of age.The human being is evolved to complete its formative development after birth.

Our head is too big to remain in the womb as long as we need to be dependent. We are designed to remain attached to our mother or primary caregiver for at least three, if not, four years to five years. Babies who are born into the age of feminism and a household in which mother works, as well as dad, usually end up with a series of temporary childcare providers before they are mature enough to be left.

This experience creates multiple stresses upon the child and his personality, leaving him to struggle with feelings of insecurity, anxiety or detachment for the rest of his life.

Read a study conducted in regards to the affects early Day Care has on many children.


Who says kid’s don’t come with a manual? Now they do! Dr Faye believes that parents need good theory as well as clinicians. With good theory they can parent better and self-correct as well.  The Manual is not just for parents, the information enables adults to objectively evaluate their own childhood lessons and even ‘re-parent’ themselves on their own or with the help of therapy.

Dr Faye Synder is the founder of a parenting ‘school’.

All the work we do is based upon the Causal Theory, a theory of developmental psychology based on cause and effect. We believe that all babies (including you) were born good and that all personality and behavior come from the child’s earliest experiences, especially from how they were parented. PaRC does not advocate medicating* a child to change behavior but rather teaches the parent to understand the origins of behavior and dysfunction, providing tools to heal their own child. Originally established by Dr. Faye Snyder as The Institute for Professional Parenting (TIPP) in 1988, the PaRC Foundation has been able to change the lives of thousands of individuals and families from across the country.

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