30 Blogs on Balancing Work and Family

Maternity Leave for Women

When the baby is born traditionally the mother stays home for a time to take care of herself and the baby.  The trend seems to be changing though and some women aren’t taking a maternity leave.  These five blog posts discuss this trend and more.

Paternity Leave for Men

Some men are fighting to get equal time off when their children are born.  Should men be able to get paid time off when their wives give birth?  What if they are gay and they are going to be a new parent?  These and other questions are answer in the following five blogs.

Hiring a Nanny

When heading back to work after the birth of a child it is often hard to leave him.  It might be easier to hire a nanny to care for your child because she will come to your house and your child does not have to be hurried around to get out the door on time.  These benefits and others are discussed in the next five blogs posts.


If you decide to take your child to a daycare here are some tips from these five bloggers about how to find a good daycare.  Many times parents will go with their gut on a decision like this or with location, but consider having a broader check list.

Get Organized

When trying to balance work and home life it’s important to be organized.  You don’t want to spend unnecessary time trying to find things when you are in a hurry.  This just takes time away from your family.  See these tips for getting organized.

Implement a Date Night

Balancing your home life includes your relationship with your spouse.  When there is a newborn around it’s hard to leave him with a babysitter, but it’s necessary to have time alone with your spouse.  Here are five blog posts that stress the importance of having a date night.