Eczema Remedy

Eczema is a huge problem for many infants and adults these days.  Prescription medications don’t really treat the root cause and may in fact make skin worse over time.

Try these simple remedies.

1. Use Manuka Honey – this particular honey is known for it’s incredible skin healing effects.

2. Use pure Aloe Vera and apply to affected areas.

3. Use Organic Cold Pressed virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil is very soothing, healing and also has anti-microbal qualities.

4. Use cold cucumber slices on particularly sore areas. Cucumber is very soothing.

5. Apply cooled chamomile tea to affected areas.

5. Use Calendula lotion

6. Go in the sun as much as possible (but only for short bursts – don’t burn!) The sun helps skin heal.

7. Look into diet. Some people with Eczema swear by the GAPS diet. 

8. Make a sea spray from water with salt and magnesium. Recipe here 

9.Probiotics – Lots of eczema is connected to gut health and if you or your child’s gut health is poor then please look at taking a really good probiotic.

You can take a look at Wellness Mama’s site for more info on these suggestions: