LECTURES: Nursing Children Supportively/ Vaccination/ Travel medicine London Feb-May 2013

  •  Nursing Children Supportively Through Acute Illness – Fever Management
  • 17 February 2013, Sunday 1.45 for 2-4pm London NW4


  • Vaccination – The Question
  • 28 April 2013, Sunday, 1.45 for 2-4pm  London NW4


  • Vaccination & Travel Medicine
  •  19 May 2013, Sunday, 1.45 for 2-4pm London NW4


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Nursing Children Supportively Through Acute Illness – Fever Management

    What do you do if you don’t vaccinate (and even more so if you do)?


  •  We will look at health beliefs and fears around acute childhood illness and  infections and learn about:
  • how the Germ Theory of Disease and the Medical Model affect the treatment options you are offered by your GP and health visitor
  • the Holistic model of disease – using the healing power of your own or your child’s body
  • the Problems caused by Suppression of Fever
  • the Basic Needs of children to maintain Optimal Health
  • the Basic strategies for coping with any acute childhood illness or infection
  • a Simple Guide to Homoeopathy for Acute Fever
  • Plenary/ Quiz



    Vaccination – The Question – Is there a question? 


Isn’t it scientifically proved that vaccination is the single most effective cause of improved health in the 20th and 21st Century?


Extensive investigation of the science behind the hype led Dr Donegan to radically change her views. She believes that every parent should be given the opportunity to see that vaccination: its safety and efficacy, is not a black and white issue, so that they can make fully informed choices about their health.




  • Introduction
  • Journey – how a doctor could change from being a firm supporter of the ‘Universal Childhood Immunisation Program’ to strongly questioning its validity
  • Why morbidity and mortality from infectious diseases has fallen so drastically over the course of the twentieth century, are our children more healthy?
  • Natural infections and immunity
  • Vaccination and artificial immunity
  • Specific diseases and their vaccines including HPV vaccine
  • Extra Questions/ Plenary


Should you vaccinate your child or not? Only you, as a parent, can decide what is best for you and your family.


    Vaccination & Travel Medicine


 “Risk assessment is important to rationalise pre-travel preparation, but the advice needs to reflect the health risk and not the interventions available … Health promotion and health education need to be the focus of pre-travel consultations. Risk assessment should be based on a broader view than administering drugs and vaccines.”(1)



  • The importance of taking adequate measures for pre-existing health conditions
  • Food and water hygiene – Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Cholera, Oral rehydration
  • Insect Bite Avoidance – Yellow Fever, Malaria – ’Clinical Evidence’ based Guidelines
  • Physical Barriers, Antimalarial drugs – indications and contraindications, Homoeopathic complementary approaches
  • Diseases for which Vaccines are compulsory in some countries – Yellow Fever,  Meningococcal Disease – Hajj & Umrah Pilgrimages
  • Japanese Encephalitis B
  • Vaccination recommendations for travel – How to assess your risk
  • Safe aeroplane travel, anti-thrombosis measures
  • What to take with you in your travel pack



    That those participating

    • Have a clear understanding of the benefits and risks of of current travel recommendations.

    • Have practical advice on how to minimise risk and maximise benefits of travel.

    • Have simple guidelines for managing illness abroad for themselves and their family.


(1) “More travel advice and fewer vaccinations are needed”

Dr Nourieh Hoveyda, Specialist Registrar in Public Health Medicine

Dr Ron Behrens, Senior Lecturer, Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Member of the Advisory Committee on Malaria Prevention, Consultant in Travel Medicine, Hospital for Tropical Diseases London. British Medical Journal 2003 January 4; 326(7379): 52.




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Dr Jayne LM Donegan