Schoolgirl Suffers Adverse Reaction After Four Vaccines At School Without Parental Consent

A 14 year girl has had an adverse reaction to one of four vaccines that she received at the Marcus Garvey Academy, Detroit, against her mothers wishes.  On the 30th January 2012 the young teenager was taken from her classroom without warning and given four vaccinations including the cervical cancer vaccine the HPV, a vaccine her mother was very much against her having.

The first that Ms Sighli Kinney knew about her daughter’s ordeal was when she was handed an envelope containing a vaccination record. Ms Kinney was horrified to read that whilst at school that day her daughter had been given vaccinations for Hepatitis A, influenza, meningitis and HPV even though she had given specific instructions that she did not want her child to receive any kind of medications, including vaccines whilst at school. Ms Kinney was also informed by her daughter that the school nurses had taken a sample of her blood and a sample of urine!

New American news covering the story revealed that as a result of this ‘assault’, the 14 year old had developed a rash covering her body. The report states:

A week after receiving the vaccinations, Kinney’s daughter came down with a rash that spread over her body — what her family doctor determined was an adverse reaction to one or more of the shots. She missed a week of school and her mother became concerned over potential long-term conditions because of the vaccines. [1]

The vaccinations were given to the teenager by nurses from St. John Providence Health System, the company that operates the school’s clinic.

Surely, this is child abuse of the highest order? If I was this child’s mother I would want answers and I would want them now. Ms Kinney is absolutely furious, speaking to news reporters she said: “How are you going to overlook something like this? You injected my child with medicine I never wanted her to have.” (my own emphasis)

True to form the school had a get out clause ready to hand:


“The staff at the clinic must maintain confidentiality with the students and the parents of the students,” the statement read. “Detroit Public Schools staff members are not informed of any services that are provided for any students and this policy is regularly communicated by the clinic staff to the school staff. All paperwork or parent permission slips are provided to students who are instructed by the clinic to return it directly to the nurse.”

Hold on a minute The school staff are not informed of any services that are provided for any students

Why the hell not!!! Does this mean that the nurses can do anything they like to the pupils just as long as they do not tell the staff about it? Does this mean that they are free to test under age children with drugs, vaccines or anything they like, just as long as they keep quiet about it? Talk about ‘See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil!!!!!!’

It appears that not only do schools have a right to go round giving whatever vaccinations they fancy to our children; they can take their blood and urine as well. I asked Dr Rebecca Carley her opinion on the schools disgusting antics. She said:

Each child attending school has their own private medical doctor, who knows their medical histor