ANH-Intl e-Alert: HPV vaccine choice – help build the campaign

It’s time for engagement. Especially if you have young children or grandchildren, or expect to have them. Following on from last week’s feature on the HPV vaccine, we maintain our focus on the issue this week too.

Our exclusive interview with Oliver Müller, author of Making a Balanced Vaccination Decision: A Guide for Parents, sets the scene. We urge you to buy his ebook.

In our second story, you’ll see my open letter to the UK health minister on which we’re awaiting an answer. We also launch a poll that asks you to decide between one of 7 choices that best explains your views on the HPV vaccine. Finally, we ask you to pose 3 questions to your health professional and get back to us with the answers.

This is all invaluable fodder for our campaign on HPV vaccine choice. We’re not against people choosing to give or receive the HPV vaccine, but we are against misrepresentation about it, as well as people being discriminated against if they choose to avoid it. We need to know how you feel too so that we can shape our campaign to fit your views and needs.

In health, and in the name of freedom of choice

Rob Verkerk PhD
Founder, executive and scientific director