The Chemicals in the Air That Are Destroying Lives (Including Yours)

Have you noticed more planes flying overhead that leave long-lasting trails behind them in the sky? 


If so, you’re not alone…people all over the world have been reporting an increase in airplanes that leave persistent trails behind them and often show up in odd patterns in the sky.


Apparently these patterns are the result of “weather modification” programs – also referred to as “solar radiation management” or “chemtrails”.  The international program involves spraying aluminum, barium, strontium and other toxic chemicals from airplanes at high altitudes that then fall to the ground, ending up in our bodies, our water, our soil and the air we breathe. 



Fortunately, there are people all over the world who have demonstrated the reality and dangers of this aerosol assault, and who are now organizing to stop it. To learn more about what’s happening and what you can do, watch this video and share this news with your friends and family


Thank you to GeoEngineering Watch, Chemtrails 911, Space Weather, SkyderAlert, Rob Leslie, Ray Gale, truthseeker1922 and Skull for chemtrail footage that helped make this video possible.

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What You Can Do What You Can Do about Chemtrails

What You Can Do