Brits are making a dog’s dinner of their pet’s meals

First our children now our pets. Research by Fetch, the online pet store shows the UK has no idea what they are feeding their four-legged friends.

According to a survey conducted by Fetch, the online pet store from Ocado, one in three Brits (35 per cent) admit to feeding their pets scraps directly from the dinner table, putting their health at risk. Even though over half the nation (53 per cent) believe that nutrition and good quality ingredients play a vital part in their pet food choices, they are filling their bowls with food that is potentially doing more harm than good.

  • Almost one third (33 per cent) of the UK don’t feel confident that they know and understand what their pet’s food contains
  • Two in five (40 per cent) are clueless when it comes to the variety of diets available for their pets
  • One in four (26 per cent) are sneaking their furry friends treats like biscuits, chocolate and sweets on a regular basis
  • Nearly a fifth (18 per cent) are serving their furry friends their very own roast dinner
  • When seeking advice, over four million Brits* (a tenth) would happily listen to their friends and family before looking for guidance from the professionals.

This is why Fetch is launching its new campaign ‘Fetch Pet Dinners’, supported by animal lover and TV presenter, Kaye Adams. The campaign aims to educate the nation on what their pets should be eating; offering owners advice and tips from a team of dedicated vets and nutritionists.

At you’ll find guides offering advice on caring for your pets, covering everything from what to feed your pet to managing their weight.

Fetch has put together a helpful guide to doggy diets:

Fetch has also put together a helpful guide to help decode the complicated world of cat diets:

Kaye Adams was surprised to see the results:

“When I think of what we fed my childhood dog, I wince. With the information we now have available, I’ve got a completely different outlook. I am very careful with my dog Bea’s diet, I give her food specifically for her breed. I should take a leaf out of her book and go easy on the treats! We need to be smarter about what we’re buying our pets and that is why I’m proud to be part of the ‘Fetch Pet Dinners’ campaign.”

Zara Boland, leading TV and clinical vet, commented:

“Good nutrition really is the key to a long and healthy life, so as a vet it’s truly frightening to see the results of this survey. By feeding scraps and human food treats to our pets we are literally shortening their lives as well as accelerating them towards a range of adverse health conditions associated with malnutrition and obesity. Yet simply by ensuring nutritionally balanced and tasty meals, we can demonstrate our love and commitment to them.”

Angela Rodger, resident vet at commented:

“At Fetch we understand that pets are part of the family; every one is unique and requires special care and attention. We know you want to provide the best you can for your pet which is why we’ve put together our handy guides to pet diets to help you make an informed choice about what you feed your pet.”

As part of the campaign we have also put together a video ‘Fetch Pet Dinners starring Jamie Collie-ver’ which you can view here: