Gut Gastronomy – The new cook book to help you heal your gut

There is a new stunning recipe book coming out and one that can help so many people. Gut health (or lack of it) is a HUGE problem in the world today. Many people have ‘leaky gut syndrome’ and are low in natural bacteria due to stress, antibiotics, other drugs, toxic chemicals and bad food.  Many leading nutritionists agree, this gut problem is incredibly worrying. If your gut is not healthy, the rest of you won’t be, including the way you think and feel.

Gut Gastronomy is a detailed book that hopes to get peoples gut’s back on the right track. It features mouthwatering yet very healthy recipes to help with gut health by well known celebrity nutritionist Vicki Edgson coauthored by Adam Palmer. These 100 recipes are based on the menu offered at the famous Grayshottspa. This book is a  truly beautiful hardcover book with amazing colourful and the best food photography. You will find a wealth of fantastic (and life changing) health info in this book too. You will learn so much about the gut and how body works, making this new way of eating make total sense.

There are so many awesome things about this book, for one, there’s recipes for making your own salt blends! Try: Orange, juniper, rosemary and thyme, or lime zest, kaffir lime and lemongrass blend or tangerine, cumin, fennel and chipotle! Wow! And there is extensive info and recipes on fermented foods. And also healing recipes for bone broths too!

I love their exotic fruit soup with coconut milk, ginger and lime  – yum!! Amazing cracker recipes too! Cashew, sunflower, chia and wasabi! Yummy soups – chilled broccoli, avocado, almond and mint soup! Or chickpea, wild garlic and spinach for every recipe too. Fab bread recipes such as quinoa flat bread..only 5 ingredients needed. And oh my amazing salad dressings! Chilli, lime, papaya and mint, raspberry, wasabi, tahini and maple syrup, my fav mango, lemongrass, ginger, mint and coriander.


Some of the recipes are very simple and some more complex, remember this is inspired by a 5* health spa so you won’t find your average meal in here, think healthy food worthy of celebrities who visit Grayshott.  This book is truly gorgeous!

RRP Available for £30 in hardcover, but you can get it for cheaper through this link: