Bar (hum) bugs this Christmas !

Christmas is arguably the worst time possible to succumb to cold and flu viruses.  There is so much to do and so much fun to be had, the last thing you want is to be laid in bed or battling through the symptoms so you can make sure the family get everything they expect!


Yet at Christmas time we tend to have even more contact with other potential germ carriers than ever.  We’re exchanging money at the till, we’re shaking hands and kissing friends at festive gatherings, we’re using public transport to get to the shops or home from the Christmas drinks party.  Then there are Nativity plays and carol concerts, Christmas fêtes, the list is endless… and all these are the perfect place for picking up bugs which could lay you low for the proper festivities.


There are several ways to help boost your defences this winter, with the following immune-strengthening tips:


1/ Hand washing


Germs can be easily passed to others by direct touch or indirectly by touching contaminated objects. Once on the hands they are easily transferred to the mouth and this is how many infections are spread. So, wash hands regularly and thoroughly, especially after every visit to the toilet and prior to eating or preparing food.


2/ Boost your EFAs


Essential fatty acids are required for the normal functioning of lymphocytes (white blood cells). Research has demonstrated that children with a history of recurrent respiratory infections fare better when taking supplements of EFAs. Excellent food sources include oily fish and flax seed oil.


3/ Good gut bacteria


A good probiotic formula can also help to strengthen the immune system. This is especially worth bearing in mind post-antibiotics which, as well as fighting bad bacteria, also destroy good bacteria in the gut.

/ Vitamin C


When it comes to immune health, vitamin C is, of course, vital and the good news is there are plenty of delicious ways to incorporate it into your diet – not forgetting cranberries of course!


5/ Bar (hum) bugs!


There is also an innovative substance which can simply stop those bugs getting into your system.  Cistus villosus is naturally rich in tannins (polyphenols), which, due to their large molecular structure, are not reabsorbed, but instead form a protective film that stops viruses from penetrating the mucous membrane of the mouth and prevents a virus from docking with host cells.


ImmunPRO is a medical device containing the plant extract Cistus villosus which creates a physical barrier in the throat to bacteria and viruses. German scientists discovered its action when investigating preventative treatments surrounding the H1N1 outbreak.

Simply suck one tablet when you are at increased risk for two hours’ protection.


ImmunPRO can also be taken at the onset of infection and because of its purely physical action, prevents the possibility of viruses building a resistance to the treatment.


Hübner’s ImmunPRO has recently launched in Boots pharmacies priced at £7.95 for 15 tablets.