Jason Vale WILL Change Your Life


I’ve been testing out Jason Vales New Fusion Juicer over the past few months and I can honestly say it’s changed my life.   I have always known for years how great juicing is for health, yet did you know, I never really did it! I would maybe juice a few days in a row and then I would just stop.  I just thought I was super lazy or something, but turns out, it was because I wasn’t using a juicer that was SO easy to use and clean! I have literally started juicing every single day, sometimes twice a day and absolutely love it. I find the juicer incredibly efficient and even though its not the slowest juicer for preservation of nutrient content, I really don’t mind because, I now juice every day! What I mean by the speed is that its not a slow  masticating juicer like experts say is the best way to juice. I had one of those juicers and it was 3 x the price and I hardly every used it because it was a real bugger to clean! AND it would also break ALL the time. Literally my Samsung juicer cost me more in parts than what the whole machine cost. Needless to say that things been thrown away because it was pretty much cursed. So after that experience I gave up on juicing for awhile. Then I was given a small juicing machine to test and it wasn’t very good either.  It also used to get jammed and it had such a tiny chute up the top that you had to cut up things super small. So it was time consuming and a bit of a pain too.

When I saw that Jason was promoting Fusion Juicers and that he liked it because it wasn’t too slow or too fast, it was the perfect in between style and that it was super easy to clean, I had a feeling it would be really great!

So I have been trying out his White Fusion Juicer that retails for a very affordable £99 and also comes with a copy of his Totally AHMAAAAZZZING Juicing and smoothie book Fresh Funky Juice which comes in a super handy A5 size.  This book alone is worth paying for, its simply the BEST juicing book I have ever come across. I sat down for hours reading this, page after page, it was inspiring, informative, motivating and just so gorgeous.  I finally had an epiphany and realised if I want my health to go to that next level, I had to start having daily juices and smoothies! The book is so informative that you learn a lot about nutrition and what certain combinations of juices can do. Honestly it’s such an amazing book.  I plan on getting some more copies that size to give to some of my friends. I love the small size too and carry it in my handbag so that when I want to make a certain juice its easy for me to take shopping and get the ingredients.  To coincide with the launch of the Fusion Juicers, Jason has updated Fresh Funky Juice which now has a few more fantastic recipes. There’s literally about a hundred recipes in the book. It shows you how many combinations you can come up with using all natural ingredients. 

The book is very descriptive too and you learn about Jason’s story. I wrongly assumed he had always been a super fit and healthy guy but nope he used to be overweight, smoked and had super bad skin! He shares his story about how juicing changed his entire  life.  And its clear to see it really has, as now he is the owner of a huge juicing empire. His energy and motivation is truly inspiring. He’s been called the Jamie Oliver of Juicing and I also think he has an Antony Robbins quality about him because he is just continuing to build his brand all the while his main focus is helping others. Jason just recently released a documentary called Super Juice Me which is also incredibly inspiring. You’ve got to see it!  The transformations all the participants had will bring a tear to your eye! Especially the man who arrived with 1 suitcase (literally!) full of pharmaceutical drugs. He left the retreat after a month only needing to take TWO types of drugs for his conditions. To say this was pretty miraculous is an understatement. Like I said, you’ve got to see this film! 

Juicy Mountain (pictured above) 

Jason also now owns two stunning Juicing retreats, one called Juicy Oasis in Portugal and one called Juicy Mountain in Turkey

Juicy Oasis (picture above)

Both retreats are really gorgeous and every day you have exercise time (yoga and rebounding) juices and smoothies throughout the day and plenty of time to relax and mingle with the other guests.  If I didn’t have a little one to look after, I’d be at one (or both one after the other!) right now. I hope I can go and experience a week at either next year.

Anyway, back to the juicing. I have been having juices every day and I can honestly say they have made a big difference to my life. I have white eyes each and every day now where as I used to still often have murky eyes now and again. I always knew my liver was not super strong still.  But after making sure I have 2 lemons each day, I am certain this has been the main reason why I now look bright eyed every day.  Juicing also helps you to drop weight quite quickly but you feel really full all the time. It’s because you are drinking loads of nutrients in each glass!  I love sharing my juices that I make with my daughter Lola too. The Fresh Funky Juice book has a few recipes for kids as well. 

Jason Vale is a real game changer, not only has he written several (actually I think its at least 5) fantastic recipe books, but he has started a mission to get as many people in the world to start juicing! He lost his mother to illness a few years ago and he promised her that he would continue trying to change the world. And he SO is, he’s changed my life for one and I know he can change your life too.

visit www.juicemaster.com for more details! 

By the way Jason also delivers 3 & 5 day programmes of freshly made juice UK wide! 

AND he has a whole range of supplements to add to smoothies! 

This guy has literally thought of everything! Oh and I forgot to tell you he now has his own Juicing Academy where he trains people to become Juice Therapists! This would be great for any individual really keen on learning how juice can help themselves and of course if you want a new career path, you could do this course then start your own business up. COOL! 

And if you want a fusion smoothie blender as well Jason also sells one that goes with the Fusion Juicer.  It’s very inexpensive too. You can literally get a juicer and blender and a book for under £130. 

I could keep raving on and on about Jason and what he has created, but instead I urge you to go and see his site. If you want something to seriously change your life and how you treat your health, THIS guy is it!