My Kinesieology Sessions With Holly Mullin

Getting super fit and healthy is a process that is really like peeling the layers from an onion, there’s quite a few to get to the middle. Thats how I have seen my own health journey. I have peeled off so many layers – but there’s still a way to go until I feel really vibrantly healthy.  I was very ill  years ago, with debilitating chronic fatigue, and its not been a fun journey as such. Although when I did start to heal and saw the improvements, it was pretty exciting as I had just been trapped in this nightmare of tiredness and mental instability.  I was one of those cases where I didn’t think I would get better, and pretty much everyone else around me (Doctors especially!) told me the same thing. 

I now realise that there are so many things that can be done to sort health issues out. You’ve just got to be willing to try them until you feel like you want to. I’ve learnt so much about my own health and whats also affecting us most over the years. I think toxicity and stress are the two biggest health problems and they really go hand in hand! If you accumulate too many toxins, it will stress your body out and your organs and systems won’t be able to function the way they should. And same with if you suffer from too much emotional stress, it will cause your body to not be able to excrete your toxins like they should.  Its a cycle that goes hand in hand.

I also believe there’s lots of stuff that need to be worked on at an emotional and spiritual level to be as healthy and at peace as you’d like to be.  These are other very important layers of the onion so to speak.   Despite getting much better over the past 6 years, (in a way that is quite miraculous) I still wanted to feel even better. In fact I really want to be one of those super fit people who actually enjoys exercise!

I have had a few issues or ‘blocks’ with certain things and I called on Holly to help me find out what those are.  Holly Mullin has been writing brilliant articles for my site for a couple of years now, and I’ve always known she is incredibly gifted with understanding the stress response in the body.  So many people today are treating people just with healthy food, but not actually addressing how their body is adapting to stress. Holly gets this and is a very big proponent of helping people to get their bodies regenerating properly.  Not that I am a ‘stressed’ person anymore, in fact I hardly ever get really upset anymore, I still think that the stress I have gone through, has definitely still left its mark on my body. Im also a very sensitive person, in that I sometimes feel too much for things that don’t concern me. Eg, All the crazy stuff going on in the world today!  Holly said she uses kinesieology and muscle testing to get to the root cause of things.  She kindly offered to give me some sessions to try and work through them.

We spoke over Skype today and I was amazed at how easy she was to talk to and how knowledgable she is! When we started the kinesiology it was clear to see that Holly is an absolute pro at this and could quickly figure out where we needed to look.  I found the suggestions she had all spot on, it was quite shocking really. I came up lacking in calcium which makes total sense as when I was a small child, I applied lead based paint on my body and lead is very very toxic and really causes problems with the bones.  I have actually broken 4 bones since I was a young girl. And they were all in separate accidents. Holly also said I was deficient in magnesium which I immediately resonated with because I still have slight insomnia and have to take Melatonin to help me sleep. Magnesium is responsible for helping people relax and slip into sleep easier. Holly told me to get some Mangesium Chloride, which is a better and cheaper version of Epsom salts. Im going to have a bath 3 x a week in them and see how I go. I am not too keen on taking a calcium supplement as such but will look at eating more calcium rich foods.

We worked on my blockages around exercise and I was shocked to find that a few hours after our session , I felt very drawn to going outside and jumping on my rebounder. I had a go for about 10 minutes before Lola wanted to join me. Ha! So I hope that this desire to do exercise will keep up.

Holly also picked up through muscle testing that I have issues with my lungs, which again, very much resonated with me. I have always been a shallow breather and therefore have had trouble oxygenating my body. I don’t know if this too, is connected with my paint episode because Lead can also affect how the body uses oxygen. 

We also worked on a few other things but its not something I am going to share all of it, Sorry! but lets just say I am curious to see if her advice will help. I’m really excited to see how much I improve!

By the way Holly runs these totally gorgeous retreats in Devon called Breathe Detox Retreats that I would absolutely love to go to but alas, I can’t be away from my little one. But when Lola is old enough, count me in!

Check out the video below this post of her retreats! STUNNING!  Prices start at £600!

I’ve got a book coming out called ‘Toxic World, Toxic People’ you might like to check it out!