Thyroset: the Natural Way to Support the Thyroid

The thyroid gland controls the metabolism. In fact, it controls the metabolism of every cell and organ. Thus, the ability of the cells to function as well as to detoxify poisons is tied directly to normal thyroid function. To be in optimal health it is crucial to maintain normal, perhaps superior, thyroid function.


However, taking drug-based thyroid medication has side effects. The simple answer is to boost thyroid function naturally by feeding it the crucial elements it requires. This is precisely what Thyroset achieves. It is a combination of crude northern Pacific kelp, rich in natural iodine, sea minerals, and chlorides, which is what the thyroid gland requires. Plus, Thyroset contains tyrosine, the key amino acid needed to make thyroid hormone. With Thyroset you get the iodine, sea minerals, and tyrosine, and the thyroid gland does the rest, that is it uses the natural compounds to produce its own thyroid hormone.


With age and stress, thyroid function declines. Pregnancy greatly strains this gland, as does chemical exposure. The fact is the majority of symptoms suffered after repeated pregnancies are due to a weakness in the thyroid gland. When the gland is weakened, overall health suffers. This results in a wide range of symptoms, including:

   * fatigue                                                                        * sluggish digestion

* constipation                                                                * exhaustion

* cellulite                                                                       * weak muscles

* inability to lose weight                                                * slurred or slow speech

* weak heart                                                                  * depression

* infertility                                                                     * anxiety

* high cholesterol                                                           * hair loss

* high triglycerides                                                         * hoarseness

* hardening of the arteries                                              * menstrual difficulties

* swelling in the throat                                                   * hot flashes

* skin disorderss, especially eczema and  


* inability to wake up

* ovarian problems                                                         * yeast infections

* cold hands/feet                                                            * sluggish circulation


The key is to support thyroid function safely. This is why Thyroset is so useful. Crude kelp is a superior source of natural iodine, which is direly needed by the thyroid gland. The kelp in Thyroset is free of heavy metal contaminants, which is a major problem with commercially harvested kelp. This kelp comes from the far northern Pacific coasts of  Alaska and is proven by assay to be free of toxic contaminants. 


How to Use Thyroset

As a natural thyroid-supporting supplement take 2 to 4 capsules daily – lunchtime is best. For more aggressive thyroid support take 4 capsules twice daily with or without meals. Take more if necessary; this is completely non-toxic. Safe for children. 


Presentation: 90  vegi-capsules

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