The World’s First Posture Sensor and Mobile Posture Coach Launches to Combat Nation of Slouchers

The world’s very first posture sensor and mobile posture coach hits the UK this week, as the LUMOback goes on sale at Relax-UK, with the aim of correcting a nation of slouchers and slumpers. After spending two years in development, the innovative new posture belt utilises smart sensors and the very latest in mobile software and aims to have us all standing tall in no time.

The brand new creation comes in the form of a belt or strap, which is worn comfortable underneath or over clothes. When you slouch, the sensor in the attached belt pack gently vibrates to remind you to sit or stand up straight, wherever you are. Gently encouraging users to alter your posture and make an effort not to slouch, the LUMOback will help to correct posture over time and can even help to combat a number of ailments that are associated with poor posture and stance.

Andrew Chang, co-founder says, “The story of the LUMOback begins two years ago, with one of our co-founders, Andrew, and his ongoing quest to find a solution for his bad back. Back problems due to poor posture are one of the most common complaints at doctors’ surgeries and hospital walk-ins all across the country, and in searching for an answer, we quickly established there would be a huge market for this. In creating the LUMOback and helping to correct the posture of people across the country, we are hoping to positively transform the lives of all of our clients, and free them from the restrictions that back pain often creates.”

The belt aims to get all users to assume ‘neutral posture’ as their default. It achieves this by measuring pelvic tilt angle and encouraging the user to adjust their posture to guide it into the neutral alignment that is best for the body. LUMOback is doctor approved by Dr Rajan Perkash, a specialist in managing spinal pain, Board Certified in pain medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation. His endorsement of the LUMOback guarantees that the quest for neutral posture by using the belt is one of the key ways to reduce back pain and minimise the risk of other posture-related ailments, including diminished breathing, tension headaches and fatigue.

Not satisfied with simply creating a sensor which vibrated to discourage bad posture, the team also set out to offer users complete control over the LUMOback, as well as the ability to track their progress. By syncing the LUMOback with the free smartphone app, users can see how their posture has improved over time, and even track how many steps they have taken, how long they spent slouching, how many calories they have burned in their daily life, and many more exciting features. Their overall wellbeing is vastly improved, and they are freed from a life of crippling back pain thanks to the innovative vibrating sensor.

The LUMOback is available to buy online from It is priced at £129.95.

About LUMOback


Bad posture can lead to a veritable catalogue of health and physical problems, and the team at LUMO have set out to put a stop to slouching and slumping. The LUMOback is the world’s first posture sensor and mobile posture coach, which encourages improved posture and syncs with mobile phones so that users can track their progress. Available from Relax UK, the LUMOback is an innovative new creation that aims to get everyone in the UK standing tall, breathing deeply and enjoying a life free from back pain.