If you suffer from PMS, here’s why you should ditch the coffee….

Instead it creates miserable hormones and your PMS and fatigue get worse. This is something I only realised after 20 years of being a big coffee drinker.



Coffee is also the most sprayed commodity in the world so at the very least, switch to organic and fair trade. It is also very acidic to the body so if you tend to feel a bit emotional when you have PMS, drinking coffee will only make the situation worse.

Coffee initiates your ‘flight or fight’ response. The flight or flight response will keep you perpetually in ‘survival mode’ so you are coping with life and just ‘making it through your day’.  



When I decided that I wanted to start thriving and experiencing joy, love and abundance every day of my life, coffee was one of the first things I threw out. I want *more* for you than just surviving hun, because you deserve more. If you want to thrive and live life to its fullest, then the coffee has to go.  



Coffee represents you ‘just getting by’ in your life. Granted, it may have gotten you to where you are now. But when you are ready to make the decision that you want fly and to thrive and to experience more, then read on….




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