Money, Stress and *YOUR* Wellbeing

A newsletter on how to feel like the best version of you every day of the month wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t go in to the impact that stress has on your well being. Even those who are eating a so-called ‘healthy raw food diet’ still cannot shift long standing ailments and their PMS if they have a high stress relationship with money. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you, money is a source of stress for sooo many of us. 



Money will always get our attention in one way or another, so I’d rather be giving it positive TLC than having it sneak up and bite me on the proverbial…



What’s worse is that your relationship with money will really dictate everything in your life. Because, how you do money is how you do everything…..



So if you are ‘making do’ with a slice of toast because you don’t have the money to invest in organic foods and if you’re putting up with PMS and other ailments because you can’t afford to look after yourself fully – honestly, if that’s you, then it breaks my heart and this opportunity is for you. 




My relationship with money held me back for a long time. I always dreamed of having a career I loved, but the truth was I spent many years stuck in jobs I hated. I’ve always been a girl with big dreams and ideas but at the same time I had no idea how to make things happen. When money ran low, I always became obsessive about ‘counting my pennies’ and I would ‘go without’ just to make sure that I always had enough. I was petrified of running out of money and becoming a bag-lady. I used to quite literally cling on for dear life and hang on to every penny I had. That fear kept me stuck for many years, and it kept me playing small.



I was driven out of fear of being dependent and losing my personal freedom.



I thought I had tried everything to get my finances under control. When I discovered Sacred Money Archetypes, that’s when I got the inner shift that made all the difference, and today I have more financial independence and freedom than I ever imagined.  




Until I started learning about the Archetypes I still suffered from PMS, even though I was eating a healthy happy hormone diet. Learning about the Archetypes helped me to create Happy Hormones every day of the month as I stopped stressing out about money and creating money drama. My PMS symptoms are gone for good as I realise the link between money, stress and my PMS.  




Worrying about money is one of the biggest stressors that create miserable hormones. Because when you are stressed out, your PMS just gets worse….There is no healthy eating plan on earth that can counteract the effects of the stress that is caused by worrying about money.