Slow? Quick, quick, sloe! – sloe berries for winter health


I just love Weleda’s Elixir’s not only are they so delicious, they always contain the best organic and biodynamic ingredients. Whilst they do contain some organic unrefined sugar, if you have good digestion and dont eat too much sugar in general, this tiny bit wont be a problem for you.  I love that you can drink them hot, cold, with water, or with some type of milk to make a drink almost like a milk shake!  Anna Rodgers Miss Eco Glam

If you’re feeling too tired to tango, then try Weleda’s Blackthorn Elixir – it’s strictly natural. This fortifying fruity drink is made from 100% natural ingredients and ripened sloe berries gathered from the wild by controlled collection to ensure sustainability. It’s a certified organic health supplement formulated to invigorate and revitalise. It has proved such a big hit at The Model Zone* during London Fashion Week this September, fortifying weary models during their hectic schedule of castings, fittings and catwalk shows, that Weleda have been asked to replenish stocks, at the double.




Take a quick shot of sloe berry goodness to boost your get up and go. You can drink it cold with water and ice for a refreshing (and extremely pretty pink) soother if you’re running a temperature and battling a nasty bug. Or if you’re coping with the shivers, stir some into a mug of steamy hot water for a comforting and reviving alternative cuppa – great for anyone who wants to cut out dairy to reduce all that nose blowing.




It’s a warming thought that the berries from common plants in our hedgerows contain valuable health-giving properties. The blackthorn or sloe is recognised for its remarkable vitality, and is traditionally used for its enlivening or ‘upbuilding’ properties, to help strengthen and stimulate the life forces where these have been depleted through ill health. It’s particularly recommended following feverish illnesses like ‘flu which are very draining.


The fruit is rich in vitamin C and anthocyanins, like the blueberry and blackberry, and has potent antioxidant properties, to help fight the free-radicals that cause damage to healthy cells. Like other dark fruits, the sloe has a high tannin content, providing useful anti-inflammatory benefits. It is traditionally used to boost a healthy respiratory system or digestive system, or for rheumatism (ideal for the coughs and colds season, for anyone recovering from the exhaustion of flu and the accompanying aches and pains).


Weleda’s delicious Blackthorn Elixiris a combination of blackthorn and biodynamic lemon juice, honey and natural cane sugar, and is suitable for vegetarians (but not suitable for diabetics).  Weleda introduced Blackthorn Elixir back in 1939 so this time-tested product is a real vintage find.


Available from natural health stores (rrp £9.95 200ml) or if you’re feeling too exhausted to venture out then phone 0115 944 8222 from your bedside for mail order, or shop at the online store



* The Model Zone is a private relaxation zone for LFW models to recharge their batteries away from the spotlight, so that they can look after their wellbeing and not neglect their health during the gruelling schedule of events. Located at The May Fair Hotel at the heart of London Fashion Week, this is a calm sanctuary for show-weary models, many of whom are extremely young. It’s a chill out zone for girls to put their feet up and recover from the run of late nights and early starts, the media glare and pressure of each show. They can rest, shower, change, eat, drink, take care of their skin and relax with their peer group.