Gorgeously Full Fat

Sarah Clark was told at the age of 16 that she had fat legs, weighed, and encouraged to diet. A whole 26 years later, she now weighs much more than she did in 1987, and has been on a weight gain and loss journey containing more yo yos and see saws than a children’s play area.

Sarah, now a size 22, says that she was fed up with the way diets are pushed on the general population as if they are a cure-all, when they are actually contributing to the problem in the first place, and the idea for Gorgeously Full Fat came about when she was encouraged to expand on some of the posts from her popular blog, and turn them into a book.

“I was sick of all the misinformed weight loss advice and obsessive fat-bashing I was seeing in the media, and I thought it was about time that I showed people what REALLY happens when you tell a perfectly normal teenage girl that she’s fat, and  she believes you. I also wanted to give people a tantalising glimpse of what life beyond the diets could be like,” she explains.

“I went from a normal, healthy size to obese, via snarky comments, rubbish diets and media bullying. I’ve experienced the depths of an eating disorder that took over my life, been slim, been fat and every size in between during my adult life.”

The book is no misery memoir – Sarah’s  irrepressible writing style and warmth make the book a light-hearted if thought provoking read  that’s bound to make long term dieters feel nostalgic, and deter anyone from starting off down the same road of self-denial and inch-pinching.”

I hope my story and the stories I’ve included from other people who’ve been there, and bought the t-shirt in three different sizes, will help  dieters rip up that Slimming World magazine, cancel the Weight Watchers subscription and treat  their scales with the contempt they actually  deserve. Then, I hope they’ll find the inspiration  to trade a life of waiting until you’re thin for a life of eating well, looking after yourself and  being happy in your own skin.”

Gorgeously Full Fat also explores the tricky subject of dating as a fat woman, and gives readers plenty of ideas and inspiration for  dumping the weight loss mentality for good. Gorgeously Full Fat – Live like you Love yourself!


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Sarah Clark is a writer, author and journalist. 
Her first novel ‘Viva Voluptuous’ is being published by SASSY Books, an imprint of John Hunt Publishing, in 2014.