Paleo meets Practitioner

When my health took a turn for the worst in my early twenties there was no such thing as Paleo, in fact I had no knowledge regarding health and nutrition at all at that time! I had to watch silently as my vitality washed away. While my friends at University headed off to 9am lecture; I would often struggle to get out of bed and could be found napping in the afternoon, unable to keep my eyes open. I fought against bouts of anxiety that left me too nervous to walk through town on my own. My Jekyll and Hyde personality drove friends away: one minute I would be the life and soul and the next moody, irritable and actually quite rude! By the time I reached my mid twenties I had gained a stone in weight; had terrible seep problems and began having worrying hormonal issues. Then from out of nowhere, foods I had always enjoyed, caused pain and bloating, constipation and gas and to top it off, an inflammatory skin condition plagued my calves and the backs of my hands.


The End IBS Naturally© Food Plan:

Having spent over seven years training with, and learning from some of the World’s leading practitioners in Human Physiology, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Functional Medicine and Nutrition I devised an End IBS Naturally© Food Plan, now featured in my published book;  Meals That Heal – Anti Inflammatory Healthcare and Free From Cooking based on the dietary principles I used to end my own IBS symptoms and those of my clients whom I work with across Europe and the U.S. It was a couple of years after I had finalised this plan that I started hearing the word Paleo, then like wild fire it swept across the internet, social media and blogs!

The plan I use, is gluten, cows’ milk and soy free as these are the top food groups associated with food sensitivities, inflammation and key issues such as CFS, M.E. IBS and arthritis.  They are also low in processed sugar, legumes, nuts and seeds. These are caution foods that can exacerbate symptoms and should therefore be used sparingly in an anti-inflammation healing food plan.

Living with digestive complaints, inflammation and food sensitivities can be frustrating and depressing, but it doesn’t have to be. The symptoms you are living with are just that: symptoms of something else going on below the surface.

Remember the body ebbs and flows in response to our external and internal environment. Your body is also intimately unique to you and extraordinarily different from anyone else’s. The recommendations I make in the End IBS Naturally© Food Plan  are designed with a purpose in mind, to reduce inflammation and promote healing, that means that your dietary needs will need tweaking and changing as you move through your healing process. The plan is NOT necessarily for life and there will come a time when the body may be ready to reintroduce some of the excluded foods.

End IBS Naturally meets Paleo:


The End IBS Naturally© Food Plan takes into account your unique differences and particular health challenges at a given time and works with these parameters to achieve a specific goal; health! I love the Paleo plan but as a Practitioner I am always needing to adapt dietary choices for the individual I am working with, after all no one size fits all approach to nutrition will ever get 100% results.