Alternatives to Medication: Holistic Remedies for ADHD

When there is a scientific, formula-based solution to an illness or disorder, there tends to also be a natural, holistic solution. This holds true for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder too. While some doctors prescribe medications such as Adderall, others look to holistic remedies. So what are your options? What is out there besides the little blue pad your doctor scribbles on?


Everyone knows what a huge impact diet has on your health. What you eat does not just affect your weight but countless other aspects of your well-being like your organs and mental health as well. So when it comes to ADHD, diet plays a role also. By tweaking what and when you eat, you can help your ADHD one bite at a time. Focus on proteins and foods containing Omega-3. The fatty acids can help medicine absorption if taking a daily dose for your ADHD. Avoid too many simple carbohydrates, which have lots of sugar. Some doctors also recommend avoiding artificial additives and food colorings, which can exacerbate symptoms of ADHD.


Like any healthy diet, fruits and vegetables are key. Effects of not being properly nourished though can more evident in someone who is living with a mental disorder. Take a vitamin supplement if you know you are not getting sufficient amounts.


Exercise is another helpful tool to combat symptoms of ADHD. Physical activity does not only strengthen the body but also the mind. It can aid with physical and mental restlessness. It gives you a place to channel that energy that is otherwise expended in various directions.


After a good workout, make sure you rest up. A solid night’s sleep – about eight hours – is vital for anyone to function. When you are living with a disorder, you should keep your body well rested so that it can better cope with any disorder-specific issues. Put your best foot forward, per se.


Health is not always so black and white though. It is always best to listen to your body and feel out what is working for you and what isn’t. Take notes on days you feel good and days you feel anxious or restless. Compare these notes to a food journal that tracks your meals. You might start to see patterns connected to how you feel and what you are eating.



An ADHD solution does not have to be either a prescription or a holistic remedy. A blend of techniques might be just what someone needs to live his or her life to its greatest potential. Whatever you do, do not let your ADHD define you.