The best documentaries to watch about fast food and the obesity epidemic.

If you’re at all interested in this topic, regardless of whether you are obese or you just want to know more; here are my favourite short documentaries on the subject I think you should watch.


The first one is Fast Food Baby. It is absolutely shocking! If you have children and feed them fast food regularly, you need to watch this. The documentary follows 3 families who feed their children A LOT of fast food. One family has take away 5 nights a week! They feed their 16 month old this stuff on a daily basis, the one thing that shocked me the most was how much coca cola they were giving him. It’s around 6 cans, a day! I don’t know about you, but I can’t even imagine drinking 1, let alone 6 cans a day. When they’re not giving their children fast food, they have a cabinet full of sweets that their children can just grab as they please. You can only imagine what all this food is doing to them. Their calorie intake is bigger than mine! It is so mind boggling how some parents can do this, but then again, I’m not a parent. I can only imagine how hard it must be to figure out what to cook your kids for dinner and having to do that every night. I struggle to do that for myself! The important message in this documentary is that regardless of whether you can’t cook, or you hate cleaning up the mess after cooking a meal, you need to look after your child’s health. In the long run, that is the most important thing.

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