Laying Snoring To Rest With Snor-rinG® By Planet Health

As published in The Pharmacist, “The western scientific reason why Snor-rinG® works is that wearing the Snor-rinG® on either left or right little finger creates a peripheral sensory stimulation of the acupressure point on the dorsal digital branch of the Ulnar nerve. This creates a biomedical (chemo or neuro dynamics) releasing of endorphines and other neuro chemicals along the ulnar nerve, relaxing and toning the smooth muscle of the cardiovascular system. On an energetic level, stimulation of this part of the ulnar nerve drains and reduces swelling of the mucous membranes, clearing congestion of the nose and sinuses and tones the muscles of the throat, reducing tissue flaccidity, the two culprits of simple snoring.”


Around 3.5 million people in the UK snore. Snoring affects approximately 4 out of 10 men and 3 out of 10 women.


Master herbalist, acupuncturist and author of Make Yourself Better, Philip Weeks has trialled Snor-rinG®, with several patients at his Hereford clinic and is delighted with the results. “Most people – and their partners – notice a big improvement”, he says. “For some it stops snoring altogether, while for others it reduces the severity. Most patients tell me that they wake up more refreshed and energised in the morning after wearing the Snor-rinG.”


NHS Clinical trials of acupressure rings have shown that most people will enjoy benefits of reduced snoring from between three and ten days of first using the Snor-rinG®, while for some, the effects are immediate.


Snoring can worsen as we get older. Some 30% of people in their 30’s snore, a figure that rises to around 40% for people in their 40’s and above.*


London based Richard Hibbard, 60, tried the Snor-rinG®. He says, “From the first night, I noticed a complete change. I usually go to the toilet several times in the night, yet with Snor-rinG I only went once. My wife has noticed that since wearing it, my severe snoring has reduced dramatically – and some nights has stopped altogether.


I now wake up feeling well rested with no fuzziness in my head or the general debilitation I used to feel. I also don’t need to have a nap during the day. It’s a marked difference. And there’s no bruising from being kicked by my wife either!


56 year old Computer Engineer, Stephen Tester from Ross on Wye also tried the Snor-rinG. “After wearing the Snor-rinG for a few nights, I didn’t notice any difference, but my wife did! I have always snored, and nothing has ever reduced the amount of decibels that I produce each night! It’s strange to think that something as simple as wearing a ring could make any difference, however, it has radically improved my wife’s sleeping and she is no longer woken up by me anymore.”


Made in Britain of sterling silver, the patented Snor-rinG®, priced at £29.95 is available from Planet Health.


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