Power Naps Increase Cognitive Function Up To 40%

Research indicates that a short 20-minute snooze is all it takes to lower stress hormone levels and super-charge your stamina.  It has been proven to be beneficial to your heart, hormonal maintenance and overall cell repair.  According to NHS Online Health Sector Life Coach Jayne Morris, napping also enables your brain to clear thought clutter and boost creativity.


– Be Creative – Naps can be taken almost anytime, any place if you get creative… keep a pillow under your desk, blanket in your car, find a space at the back of a yoga or Pilates class and drop off for a while during the class!


– Feel Safe – Our primal instincts can prevent us taking a nap if we are sensitive sleepers and don’t feel relaxed in our environment.   Do what you can to reduce distractions – lock the door, pop in some earplugs, wear an eye mask, or close the blinds. 


– Set an Alarm – You will relax and drift off more easily if you know that you are not going to sleep through an important meeting or miss the last stop on the bus.  Set an alarm to wake you up after 20-30 minutes.


– Avoid Caffeine – Caffeine disturbs sleep. For your nap to have best effect, avoid drinking caffeine 4-5 hours before you snooze.  Taking a nap will reenergize you far more than a cup of tea or coffee can.


– Permission – Release any inner gremlins telling you that you are ‘lazy’ for napping. Remind yourself of the benefits, according to a study by NASA taking a nap can increase cognitive function by up to 40%!  Now there’s reason to snooze!


W: http://www.jaynemorris.com/ 


About Jayne:


An expert in transforming lives from Burnout to Brilliance.  Jayne’s one-to-one work, seminars, podcasts, articles and online posts have helped thousands of people around the world regain their sense of power, passion and purpose.  She loves delivering inspirational talks and transformational workshops.  Her clients include CEO’s, celebrities, leaders and luminaries.


Jayne draws on over 20 years martial arts experience and 15 years combined experience in international business, teaching, radio and television presenting. As a qualified Personal and Business Coach, Jayne is a member of the highly reputed Coaching Circle, National Council of Psychotherapists and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. She holds a BSc in Economics and International Business, an Advanced Diploma in Art Psychotherapy, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching.


With a love for experiencing new places, Jayne has lived, worked and run training sessions in several countries including Japan, Germany, Spain and America. From tutoring groups of troubled teenagers to leading executive seminars for up to 150 professionals, Jayne has completed projects for various organisations including the BBC, Channel 4, Kent Business TV, CVA TV, Adidas, Thomas Cook, JET Programme and Teach First.


Jayne offers several services including VIP Days, individually tailored packages, plus intensive workshops, courses and retreats held in beautiful locations in the UK and abroad. Bespoke workshops and inspiring talks to meet your individual needs or the needs of your organisation are also available.


Jayne is resident life coach expert for NHS Online and has been interviewed by leading publications including The Daily Telegraph, The Express, London Evening Standard, The Daily Mail, Red, Best, Spirit & Destiny and Women’s Own.  Jayne has had articles published in Inspired Times magazine and by Hay House in the recent release ‘More to Life than Shoes’.