Lifefood the way to Ultimate longevity – pt 2 Bile Stones Eureka!

Yes I really do refer and think of my body like a temple all due to the factoid that I had suffered from very poor health. And if you have been there you will never wish to visit there again. So I make it my bizzzz to live and walk my talk. After all if you are a health practitioner its the very first thing someone does is that they check out your skin and hair and weight and so on. And lucky enough I do receive compliments from many of my patients and  they also feel inspired too. So here I am ready steady go …in-spirit! Inspiring you              🙂






You might consider this unbelievable, you might be skeptical or you might just consider trying this out yourself.

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.” 
― Gautama Buddha

So why not try it out and see how YOU feel. Go on jump                 :)






I have been on quite a few intense bowel detoxes along with liver flushes and I have carried out @ 3-4 liver/gallbladder cleanses but none of them were based around using liquids or easy to digest soft foods. I always felt that this was the best way and then when I came across Dr David Jubb’s 14 day nutritional fast I knew I had found the cleanse!
If you understand how important it is to reduce inflammation before you eliminate  toxins then this will make sense to you. You can catch more information by listening to Dr David Jubb on his videos and audios and by reading his book. All this is linked on



So day one was just a usual day for me except that it wasn’t !!!           :D
Because I was focusing on 2 liquids meals a day plus taking various concoctions  every 1 to 2 hours.  And lucky for me I was off for 4 days in a row. This meant I could relax into the whole ritual of the  cleanse and I was going to be preparing and swallowing various medicinal remedies to help prepare and soften the debris in the liver , gallbladder and of the course the colon. This meant I was on the loo quite a lot !! I had already begun my change to the Lifefood diet   and noticed a difference in my mood and concentration and felt lighter  in my whole bee-ing.
I really enjoyed using the castor oil packs.  They are majick, its the white light you know           ;)
So day one felt easy  peasy.

I arose early and went to bed early.

Day Two

I began to feel more confident in preparing my own Lifefood recipes with the foods and ingredients that were available to me and I also noticed how much I enjoyed cre-ate-ing them too. I had infinite time !!
I again noticed the increase in clarity and my brain felt amazing! Reducing that inflammation makes a huge difference to the mind             :)
I didn’t mention that I was also drinking my own urine so this was part of the daily routine too. Urine acts like your very own energetic homeopathic  remedy! I used to practice this on a regular basis when I was training in Nutrition and somewhere along the way I stopped. So again after listening to Dr David Jubb I felt inspired to return to one of the most healing practices you can carry out –  Urophagia.

Day 3 and 4 

Was much the same as for routine and being on the toilet. But I certainly notice the subtle positive changes in my mood and focus. For ever improving. Normally it is here on the 4th day you can take the olive oil but I had to postpone this till the end of the 5th day due to work commitments .

Day 5
I took less of the healing remedies as I was working but I still managed to keep the Lifefood  liquids going and in the evening I took the dreaded Olive oil and grapefruit juice/lemon juice concoction.  I drunk the whole lot in a one-er ! No straw and felt like a real warrior. I did it!!!   And went off to bed with my hot water bottle. At around 1am  I felt like I was going to vomit . So I got up and walked to the toilet and the bowel movement helped and I went back to bed. But I honestly felt like my body was going through some sort of deep cleanse.

When I awoke the next morning I felt strange for most of the day. Out of my body and disconnected – all liver  imbalance chi signs.  And eventually BAM !   Eureka I passed the bile stones! @ 40 + or so. And continued most of the night doing so. See the main photo – they are mine……..preciousssssss             :D

This is how I felt!!!


I was aware of my liver 3 meridian points on my foot feeling clearer and most of all I was aware of my gallbladder sinus points clearing too on my 4th toe especially my left foot. I was having stabbing shooting sensations. I remember years ago when I became aware of having a wheat allergy that my left 4th toe would always turn white at certain times. I am quite  sure the gunk and bile stones I was passing were clearing years of old wheat debris and more. I was able to see different colours in the stones that were passed. They may have contained old residues of wheat proteins, vaccine toxins ( I was heavily vaccinated as a kid as I was born & lived in Nigeria for 12 years)and who knows what else. I was also aware of old memories coming back and most of all I was able to see negative view points that I kept on running around in my head from a completely different angle . So another Eureka for me . Yaay!
Set yourself free!  Cleansing deeply really brings about awareness and epiphanies too for sure.

So….  Thats the 1st stages of this cleanse. And I am back on the Lifefood liquids after a busy weekend and I am ready for a liver flush  next – for those who don’t know this is a smaller type of cleanse i.e. less olive oil.

If you would like to know more about the products you can use for the cleanse check out the website right at the bottom of this page and see the link for Lifefood products. They will be in the UK at end of January 2013.
If you live in the USA you may wish to check out

I can also recommend the books for much more information too

This type of cleanse can be done around working too by altering one or two things . You might wish to listen to this for a bit more inspiration….    Jubbs 14 Day Nutritional Fast or Feast video with Dr David Jubb
If you feel you would like to learn more on a face to face basis why not consider joining us for this Detox workshop in Feb in Leeds on sunday 10th of Feb.
and /or have a consultation with myself           :)

What is Lifefood? from

“Lifefood is for a sustainable future. This food is healthy for your body and Good for the planet.

As you choose lifefood, you are promoting shade. This gives water the ability to go through its full hydrological cycle the way nature intended on earth.

Lifefood is fresh, organic and in season. Along with some fermented food, it is uncooked fruit and vegetable, sprouted seed and nut that is properly combined for digestion. Lifefood is biophoton-rich and can reproduce itself in nature.

This is Food prepared for you with love without grain, bean, corn, banana, date, dairy, or any animal product.”

See more about Lifefood in part one of my blog and website and links. 




By Susan Laing