Lifefood the way to ultimate Longevity – part 1

The upward warriors path is truly one of a challenge or maybe a better word I would like to choose here is a JOY -full one. Who would have known that each time I found something difficult to change in my life that it would lead to another box opening up full of amazing presents of LOVE & JOY in it. Yeah   :)    I know it mind sound kinda corny but honest to God its what life is all about.
Each time I surrender to what I have to do to make those changes for improving my health the more beauty I attract into my life. Because after all isn’t it all about loving yourself     :)

So most folk who know me are aware that I eat almost 100% raw foods all for my wellbeing and have done so for @ 6-7 years. And as you know raw food is just a label where by there is no guidance for what is good and what is not. A lot of raw food can consist of cashews, agave syrup ,dates and bananas and so on and if this is your main diet then this is not going to help your health and wellbeing.

I have also not been able to drink alcohol for @ 12+ years either …so that meant no more traditional Scottish Hogmanays for me!!     ;)         If you would like to know more you can read about my journey however this website is going through some exciting changes! So watch this space if you would like to know more……as I am writing my book too….

So only last year I came across the genius ,Dr David Jubb’s work  , unbelievable but yes.  I read his book Jubbs Cell Rejuvination Colloidal Biology: A Symbiosis.

This was the beginning of another shedding of skin for me once again. I felt completely entranced by the words written on each page and knew I was also going to meet this guy one day       :)     Somewhere I also knew that I would be following this path of eating Lifefood too. It made sense and slowly but surely my procrastination surrendered only this year 2013 to start the Lifefood diet and famous Jubbs liver cleanse because I want to live to 100+ and feel good         :)

I had followed a very healthy raw diet at the start of my journey and mainly ate salads with avocados and  consumed smoothies, so a bit of a liquidarian period was in there somewhere too. I felt good! Again I won’t go on too long here as its all going to be in my book. Somewhere along the path I took a detour and begun eating sweet type raw foods and this threw my wellbeing totally out of balance in many ways .  So Im only going to be sharing my journey with you about the Lifefood Diet and for all of you out there who suffer from  health imbalances I only hope this is going to inspire you too          🙂











So Lifefood and liver cleanse here we go holding hands and guiding every vibrating cosmic cell     :)

For any of you you who are not aware of what LIfefood is about then here are the main characteristics ( from Dr David Jubb website)  :-

  • Can reproduce itself (some exceptions here) (contains seeds)
  •  Rich in bio-photon activity (a living plant emits light)
  • Has the genetic integrity to eco-sterilize against mold, fungus, yeast
  • Is somewhat close to its wild cousins
  • Appropriate for the human digestive system (like other hominids, we are basically frugivores. we aren’t carnivores nor are we herbivores)
  • Low on the glycotic index (contains sugars that the liver can manage)
  • Uncooked (kept below about 120F) (hot tea is an exception) (warming foods is okay)
  • Organically Grown (or at least unsprayed)
  • Does not contain gluten, gliadin, glutenen, casein

No Grain –  these all contain strange indigestible proteins, gluten, gliadin, and there are many others: wheat, corn, rice, rye, barley, spelt, oats.

No Beans – soy, chickpea, black bean, kidney bean, adzuki bean, lima bean, soy products (nama shoyu, aminos, miso, tamari) (a little nama shoyu occasionally is ok but not as a staple).

No legumes – peanut, cashew (technically a peduncle)

No seedless fruit – watermelon, grape, navel orange

No high glycotic rate foods – carrot, beet, date, banana, potato, pineapple

No flesh, meat, eggs

No dairy products (unpasteurized, grass fed cheese can be a useful transition food but it isn’t natural nor ethical)

No synthetic chemicals, drugs, synthetic vitamins, preservatives (sulfites/sulfur dioxide in dried fruit)

Since starting this diet I have noticed that I feel much more connected to myself and more grounded. The absence of runaway sugars and hybridised fruits and veggies like carrots has made the difference. Keeping it simple has been the main thing for myself. I am a bit lazy when it comes to creating recipes so I tend to stick to straight forward salads with simple dressings for now.  The changes are so subtle really . I had kale crisps which were coated in cashew sauce and within moments of eating them I felt the change in energy of my body. The liver did not like these cashews at all. I always thought it was my imagination but since going on this diet I can feel what cashews do to the body. The lightness disappears in every way from my mood to the energy in my body and mind.

So the next step is another liver cleanse….(again from David Jubb’ s website)

What is the liver cleanse?

Most people have gall and liver stones mainly due to a diet high in insoluble fats and animal fats, indigestible proteins, refined sugars and refined carbohydrates combined with lack of adequate insoluble dietary fiber. The liver and the gall bladder would normally be able to break down these acid-forming foods but due to their overconsumption the bile in the liver and gallbladder become supersaturated and insoluble and “stone’ are created as these fats and cholesterols solidify. These stones can also become hard as sometimes they are encased in calcium and other minerals.

Passing stones is only one element of success of this program; it optimizes liver function, and improves bile flow and is designed to help cleansing to be increased some 400% over what might ordinarily be occurring. It is the foundation of cell rejuvenation and along with Lifefood nutrition, which is rich in food-based minerals, enzymes, vitamins and soluble and insoluble fiber that allows the body to maintain bile flow in the liver and gall bladder.

What is the 14 day Lifefood Nutritional Fast?

The Lifefood Nutritional Fast is 14 days of cleansing on which you are fasting from five things:

1)cooked food: excessive heat destroys enzymes. Robs the food from electrons, minerals and causes bile occlusion.

2)starch: no grains, rice, beans, bananas, dates, potatoes, corn, carrot, beets, etc.

3)solid food: saves energy

4)flesh: acid food which causes bile occlusion

5)breakfast: the digestive tract only rests when it is empty.

Though it is called a fast, it is actually a cellular feast. During this time you will have 3 “flush” days (liver cleanse). The rest of the days will be preparation days full of  Lifefood nutrition. There is an enormous variety of delicious food which can be eaten on this fast. Explore the natural bounty of the earth.
So here it is part one of my blog on this amazing transition to another dimension …a healthier one at that  for sure    🙂   I’m going to be live on radio at the end of the month so watch this space and Im gong to be making a video about the liver cleanse too .

If anyone would like to know more just go onto Dr David Jubb’ s website 




All Lifefood and David Jubbs products are going to be available in the UK within the month so just keep an eye on this page if you are interested I will be posting the links very soon .
By Susan Laing