Addiction Is A Symptom and Love Is The Key

I’ve been thinking a lot about addictions of late. Not just about addictions actually but about the patterns that we get into, about the ways we treat ourselves, doing the things that we know aren’t great for us but we manage to do them over and over again anyway!

I see it in myself, in my friends, family and of course in patients.

Where I can make a difference is with myself and with patients, and the trick is to to identify  the original cause (or causes), and to heal that cause while changing the habit. Just trying to change the habit usually doesn’t cut the mustard… it just leads to failure, self-reproach, frustration or maybe another habit to replace the previous one. By healing the deep issue, it’s so much easier and effective!

Most of us have unhealthy food patterns. Some manage to hide it or control, it but for most of us it’s either on the surface glaring unashamedly for all to see, or lurking below the surface, hidden by a lot of effort. Too much chocolate, caffeine, sugar, fat, too much food, too little food, just bad food!

But why? Often it stems from childhood, from in the womb when we might not have felt safe, from when we were tiny babies and didn’t receive enough nourishment on some level (food or cuddles), from childhood when we were surrounded by well meaning people who didn’t feel good about themselves and that vibe was passed on to us. From parents splitting, from not feeling good enough at school, from shocks or grief that haven’t healed, and the list goes on!

And then there are the patterns of alcohol and maybe drugs. The patterns of excess shopping, excess internet surfing, of inviting poor relationships into our lives, of not allowing ourselves to be the best we can. And this list could also go on and on!

And my bug bear (Grr!) of using medication when the body can be left to do it’s healing thing naturally, or with a little help from energetic or natural sources.

When it comes down to it, the core (I believe) is a lack of self love. If we truly loved ourselves would we smoke, drink alcohol, binge on chocolate, eat excessively, starve ourselves, medicate our precious bodies, stay in an abusive relationship and not follow our dreams? Nope! But why do we not love ourselves fully and unconditionally…. that’s the key and the sweet spot that needs some healing.

Imagine being in a state where we only do what’s right for our body, for our health, enabling us to fulfil our purpose with glowing health and vitality?

How cool would that be? How free would we feel, flowing in each moment, being totally present and connected? That for me, is the aim, the golden prize!